Applejack's Art - by: JustDayside

If you were there, there were a lot of cameras. One of them was in the hands of Paul from Barnard Films. (They have a pro-brony scenario film in the works with a huge budget, go check their site out)

He recorded the entire day but obviously this is the part everyone wanted. In fact, I chilled back in the hotel room trying to get rid of a headache and eat at least once that day so I was waiting for this. It’s ok, I took an elevator ride with Nichole Oliver and got my Comic Con poster Autographed for the site so I already got my interatctions in with them as much as I wanted.

Video after the break, as usual.

Side Note – We also got recordings of the Livestreams up in the main Bronycon article, namely Ingram’s Interview and the Fighting is Magic Panel.

The Musician’s Panel is now up in HD glory as well!