Derpy Reporter
by ~Mafon

The folks over at G4’s Attack of the Show sit down to review some DVDs, including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 DVD from Shout Factory. The review also includes The Dark Knight Rises and something by the name of Banana Motherf**ker. Embedded video after the page break, or head over to G4 here.

[Source: EqMegathreads]


  • Black Jack the unicorn

    wow, 4 minutes long, they spend like 20 seconds on the dvd set, to basically say he didn’t care for the show, and we get no news about special features or anything new. =( not so classy G4. oh well, thanks for sharing DHN ^_^

  • SurfPenguin

    Yup, that’s about right for AOTS, where’s it’s completely okay to gush all over geeky stuff, as long as the geeky stuff is mainstream-media ‘cool.’ Anything else gets the usual ‘Gee viewers, aren’t you glad you’re not one of THOSE losers?’ treatment. I am SO glad this show is going off the air.