Germany to Get New Plushies

For 30 years, “My Little Pony” has been guiding girls into a colorful world of adventure and friendship. It all started with plastic figurines of the colorful ponies. Today they amaze us with an animated TV series, among other things, and soon also with a brightly colored product line, because in September Nici will release a 20-piece “My Little Pony” plushie collection. It will include the three much-loved ponies “Pegasus Rainbow Dash,” “Twilight Sparkle,” and “Pinkie Pie” from the TV series for snuggling and cuddling at home.
Under the Pinkie Plush:
Nici will publish the plush collection in the second half-year of the Ponys from “My Little Pony”.

German company Nici will be making FiM plushes, a catalogue on Das Spielzeug said. An English translation by Telofy.
Whether they will be released to other countries is currently unknown, as all we know is from this image.
[Source: EqD]

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