Derpy smiles by LeavingCrow

Derpy smiles by LeavingCrow

As The Round Stable reports, Tabitha St. Germain has been interviewed by Cameron Miquelon on her blog 33 avenue Miquelon.

If you ever had a look at her website, you’ll have noticed her metaphor-rich style of writing that surprises with oddly-fitting abstractions to make a simple, funny anecdote sound surreal and all the funnier. That, as well as acting, voice acting, and bringing cookies to recording sessions, are only some of her talents; she can also “slip out of a room without anyone knowing” and a bunch of other things. To find out, please read the interview.

  • Thank you for the shoutout, Telofy! It was awesome having interviewed Mlle St. Germain, and seeing it explode more than twice in over 36 hours across the Internet has truly made my day. All the best! xoxoxo

    • We have to thank you! In every other interview the actor/director mentions her, and how she always brings cookies, how talented she is, and how much fun it is to work with her, but we had so few actual interviews with her. And of course she voiced our very special Derpy Hooves, hence the picture. :-D

  • It is good stuff, its awesome to be in the know.

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