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Well seems to be a day to interview William Anderson. DJ Doctor Whooves of Radio DISCO-rd got a chance to sit down with William Anderson, score composer of FiM during his trip to Italy.

A few hours ago we had a short interview by , this video can also be found here (previous article removed).

Copy/Paste from the submission by Grifen:

Today we had the great honour and the pleasure to met William Anderson in his journey in Italy.

The meeting occurred in Florence, in front of the Duomo where he met a representation of italian bronies.

He has been really kind, even to partecipate live into the weekly web-radio of italian bronies, Radio DISCO-rd, edited by our dear DJ Doctor Whooves.

The interview, resolved in an informal chat, has studied in deep some aspects of his career and how he decided to be a musician.

The call concluded itself with the promise of a future interview, when he will get back in his studio in Los Angeles.

Photos on Facebook

Anderson’s Entry on his DA Journal

Picture on Anderson’s DA

Web Radio Interview with DJ Doctor Whooves & Radio Disco-rd

William Anderson meets some Italian fans.
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