Writer of today’s episode Josh Haber took to the Twitter airwaves for a pre-episode, 10 question Q&A. A quick transcript of the tweets can be found after the page break.





Q. Favorite character to write fore? (@paleopaws)

A. Rarity. OBVIOUSLY. Because she is by far The. Most. Fabulous. Pony.


Q. Why is the episode airing 30 minutes later than usual? (@lolllll117)

A. Because everyone in the world is against me.


Q. Conversely, who was the easiest? (@CantercastShow)

A. I assume you are still talking Pony and not people I have dated. Pinkie. Also the most fun.


Q. Favorite breakfast food? (@CanvasWolfDoll)

A. Eggs Benedict. Because I like ham and treachery.


Q. What was your inspiration for this episode idea and story? (@AnthonyPizzano)

A. Honestly? Scooby Doo. I just wanted to get transported to sitting in my living room in my PJs as a kid.


Q. How much free reign do you have over episodes? Are you ever asked to cut things? (@Shrewdsnake)

A. Alot. All. The. Time. :)


Q. Who is your favorite princess? (@Matthew05032)

A. My daughter.


Q. Whats the first episode you saw of FIM? (@bud_friesel)

A. Lesson Zero. Sooo good.


Q. If you were an Element of Harmony, which one would you be? (@KeyannaLM)

A. The Element of Insecurity and Neediness. Also the element of attention whoring. It’s a toss up.


Q. Hey @joshhaber – Do you <3 Me? (@DlSCORD)

A. More than anyone, D. More than anyone.

  • Dogman15

    That last Twitter user is actually DlSCORD (Dliscord, with an L), not “@Discord”. https://twitter.com/DlSCORD

  • Anonymous

    Can’t blame a man for loving some D.