As announced earlier this morning via Twitter, M.A. Larson will be joining the guests at Las Pegasus Unicon, taking place in just about a month at the Rivieria Hotel & Casino in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada. He will only be joining the event for Friday. Since there has been a good flood of guests for the Vegas convention, we’ve placed the full lineup of everyone from the show who will be attending.

Tara Strong Amy Keating Rogers John De Lancie
Daniel Ingram Cindy Morrow Nicole Oliver
Lee Tockar Garry Chalk Mark Oliver
Michael Daingerfield Andrew Francis Markyke Hendrikse
Brenda Crichlow Peter New Sam Vincent
Trevor Devall M.A. Larson

You can check their website’s guestlist for what days everyone is appearing on. Pretty much everyone except Larson will be attending Saturday and Sunday with a few exceptions. Information on the convention:


Name: Las Pegasus Unicon

Location: Rivieria Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

When: February 22nd – 24th.

Ticket Prices: $64.00 (Full Weekend) | $23 Friday Only | $34 Saturday Only | $26 Sunday Only | Save 24% with pre-purchase by 2/1/13.

Hotel Rooms: See website for details. Special deals provided by Unicon are only guaranteed until 1/27/13.

Web Site:

Site Sections: [Special Guests] [Hotel Details] [Tickets] [Exclusive Celebrity Dinner]


[ Grand Ponylion Musical Events ]

Friday & Saturday Nights

Community Musical Guests

Eurobeat Brony Poni1kenobi The Beatle Bronies
HergestRidge Equestria Dude Aviators
Tarby OmniPony HeyLasFas
Silva Hound F3nning Cyril the Wolf
Ibeabronyrapper TAPS
  • immblueversion

    Wait… Garry Chalk is involved with MLP? THE Garry “Optimus Primal” Chalk?

    I haven’t paid attention to any convention guest lineups before, but…really? Who does he play? Or is he gonna play someone in the future? Or maybe he’s just there cuz he’s a Vancouver VA and/or likes the show?

    Regardless of how old or new this is, it’s news to me…

    • Anonymous

      The con credits him as voicing one of the diamond dogs, though I’ve seen some fans dispute that. One assumes his agent wouldnt have booked him if he hadn’t.

  • I really want to get a definitive answer on whether Fido is Garry Chalk or Richard Ian Cox.

  • I haven’t taken a moment to look into the Garry Chalk thing, I did take note of this when Unicon announced him last week in one of our posts, I ended up removing the Fido the Diamond Dog line from their press release because all the wikia sites point to Richard Ian Cox.

    I think this might be kind of like the whole Braeburn thing. I guess Andrew Francis (Shining Armor) had done the voice of Braeburn, but then when the episode came out the voice had been switched with whoever we heard in the episode. I get the feeling this might be the case, that Chalk did Fido but then they re-recorded the lines with Cox.

    I can ask Sandi the co-chair at Unicon about this, and get back to ya’ll.

  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s Ian Cox. He’s always been a blast at anime con panels. Real cool guy.

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