420 – “Leap Of Faith”

Written by Josh Haber
“The Flim Flam Brothers’ cure-all tonic promises Ponyville citizens a chance to be rid of their ailments. Applejack has her doubts about the merits of the tonic, until Granny Smith begins taking it and appears to be cured of all her aches and pains.”
DN Rating: TBA

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Flim Flam Miracle Curative Tonic Song by Daniel Ingram

  • Man, that was a great episode! Thanks for quickly posting the song and the episode! I’ve updated my community posts so that other fans can get their Pony fix too and I’m working on my episode summary, which will contain the song embed. ^_^ I’d like to include a Daily Motion link for episode as well, as back-up insurance, but has Daily Motion fallen out of favor?

  • By the way, does Mandopony need our help? I saw a link to what is probably Mandopony’s tumblr, but I haven’t seen anything here or on EqD.

  • Retrocheerilee

    Good to have Flim and Flam back including a song. AJ got her key at last.

  • Adam

    I”m going on and say it, I think those items that the ponies got like the yard, or the rubber chicken are going to be the keys to that box at beginning of the season.

    • I just wonder the hay how Pinkie’s gonna fit that rubber chicken into the keyhole.

  • The Pony-toy Happy Meal commercial (posted above): Puffs of coloured smoke and “you can colour your world”, and that’s it? That’s about as lack-luster as you can get! …Maybe they had a script that was better but had to scrap it because it gave away too much about the conclusion of the Rainbow Power plot.