Letter from Galacon: Auction, Ponification, and Surprise

Julia Meynen

Julia Meynen

Anneli Heed

Anneli Heed

Galacon invites you to donate to a charity auction, answers some frequent questions, boasts with neat ponifications of their guests of honor, and even has a little surprise to tease us with. Oh, and if you want to see the Galacon poster, here is what you have to do!

Dear pony folk,

First of all we want to sincerely thank the staff of BurnyCon for returning our volunteer coordinator safe and sound. She’s still processing all those unforgettable impressions from the convention and we can say that we’re deep in your debt. Thank you very much for everything!

Special thanks also go out to all supporters over at StartNext. With your efforts, we managed to collect a whopping 5.625,85 € that will bring a couple of pleasant surprises to Galacon. We’d like to especially mention Another Pony, who got his very own moon cannon to get to Stuttgart. Thank you all for your tremendous help!

To adress the #1 complaint we’re getting our mailboxes flooded with:

No, we sadly can’t sell more tickets this year. We promise to expand for Galacon 2013 and are currently looking at doubling the venue size and amount of tickets. Stay tuned after Galacon for more!

Very well, onto the reminders for Galacon attendees:

We got an auction planned that we would love to invite you to! Lots of great art and crafts wait for you. If you got something to donate, please shoot us an email at [email protected]!

All proceeds will be donated to the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser by Bronies For Good.

As it is tradition for conventions we will have a cosplay contest. It is going to be held on Sunday and we hope that many of you will attend and maybe even sign up as a contestant! The contest will be held both in group and single category. For more information, rules and to sign up, refer to [email protected]!

If you have inquiries regarding getting a ride to Stuttgart and/or a place to stay the night at, you should have a look at our forums – guests are already organizing plans there. Of course the staff is also avaible for all your questions there, though asking over Twitter might be better if it has to be quick.

Now, regarding your help with the panels:

As you all know, a ponysona can be a very important part of the brony community. Our convention artist Rautakoura has taken on the honorable duty of ponyfying our dear guests Julia Meynen and Anneli Heed. Now we would love to put up a slideshow with all kinds of awesome art of their ponysonas during the VA panel – Can you help out? Send your work featuring the ponysonas and maybe also our ubercute mascot Canni in either via Twitter or [email protected]! You can also upload to Deviantart, but make sure we get to see it too!

And since this press note can’t close off without the famous ONE MORE THING:

EDEL Records have pushed the release dates of the third and fourth My Little Pony: Freundschaft ist Magie DVDs to the Galacon weekend. This might only sound interesting to German bronies, but fret not, they said they would have a big surprise that would please everyone. We have no idea what it’s going to be, but we are certain it will be 20% cooler.

Until next time and may the weather pegasi bring you lots of sunshine!

Yours truly,
The Galacon staff

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