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We have a few very exciting guest announcements for all of you this week as well as some info on events and panels that will be taking place during Midwestria.

To start off the guest announcements, Charlotte Fullerton, writer for episodes such as, Look Before You Sleep, Suited For Success, A Bird in the Hoof, May the Best Pet Win!, and Baby Cakes, will be joining us. We’re happy to add yet another show writer to our guest roster and hope that you’re all as excited about Charlotte as we are!

We’re also incredibly excited to announce the first couple of musicians we have lined up for the event. Performing at Midwestria will be community musicians Eurobeat Brony and EHT. Both of these musicians will be performing some of your favorite songs in one of the two concerts we will be putting on for the attendees. EHT will also be putting on a panel on the musical process so, all of you aspiring musicians will want to make sure to check that out!

We at Midwestria are putting on several special events this year. You can find out more about a couple of these events here as well as finding full info on our website.

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The Running of the Leaves 5k Charity Race is just as it sounds, a friendly race for anypony to attend that directly supports a local community charity: Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities

Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities is a not-for-profit, 501(c) (3) charitable organization founded for the express purpose of providing and conducting therapeutic equestrian activities for people with disabilities. Participants come to FTEA either as individuals or in groups from schools, rehabilitation centers and other health care agencies. FTEA is unique not only because of its use of the horse as a means of therapy, but because it provides individualized therapeutic activities to people of all ages and disabilities. Programs focus on ability rather than disability in a safe and enjoyable environment. FTEA is located in the western suburbs of Chicago.

These charities rely on our support to help take care of their horses (and ponies!) and provide services to help out people in need. Registration for the Running of the Leaves is now open on our website. Registration requires a $15 minimum donation. This donation gets you a special Running of the Leaves t-shirt and all other profits go towards Friends for Therapeutic Equine Activities.

We will be holding an Iron Artist competition. This competition will pit 4 artists against each other in a 3 day event in which they will each be given a secret subject and must produce a work of art in the given time limit. This event will culminate in an all out battle between the final two artists to see who is in fact the Iron Artist!

Get your dancing shoes ready and get ready to dance the night away! We will be holding three separate dances over the weekend. The first dance is our Grand Galloping Gala. Formal wear is required to enter the gala but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a stuffy affair. We’ll have dance lessons beforehand for those of you with two left hooves and a live band playing all night. Following the Gala on Friday night and standing on it’s own Saturday night, we will be holding two informal dances for those of you who feel more comfortable with glowsticks in hand.

On top of all of our main events, we’ll be featuring panels throughout the weekend. Examples of some panels you’ll be able to see at Midwestria include How to Make Your Own Custom Pony, Dusty Old Books,Background Ponies of MLP:FiM, Rarity is Best Pony and many more!

More announcements on other such events are coming soon both here and on the website so make sure to have your eyes peeled.

Pre-Registration is only $40 and will be open until September 7th. We don’t have an attendance cap so keep those registrations coming in!

We are still looking for a handful of staffers. Staff receive a free badge and the possibility of a discounted hotel room in exchange for 8 hours of work a day. To apply to be on staff fill out the staff application located here.

We have a limited number of rooms left for the weekend. So, if you plan on staying at the hotel, make sure you reserve your room soon! Reservation information can be found here.

We still have a very limited number of spots open in our Artist Alley. Artist tables cost $80 for the weekend and include one badge. To apply for Artist Alley or for more information please go to our Artist Alley page.

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