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Switchbored505 sent us this submission (series of submissions rather) regarding the MLP IDW comic.  To wit:

Diamond Comics has been posting a series of sales rankings for the year 2012.

MLP #1, despite only starting to sell late in the year, is ranked on the Top 90 bestselling Comics of 2012.

  • In quantity sales, it’s ranked 90th.
  • In dollar sales, it’s ranked 61th.
  • It’s by far the most successful comic by IDW in 2012 (the next in the list is Mars Attacks #1 on 417th)

  • It’s beaten Godzilla #1 as the best ranking comic in IDW history (MLP#1 got 15th on Nov/2012 vs. Godzilla #1 on 16th in March/2011)
  • …and the best selling launch in IDW history (MLP #1 sold +80k on it’s first month vs. Godzilla #1 selling +53k on it’s first month).

Fun fact: If you thought MLP #1 had a lot of variant covers, Godzilla #1 had over 100. Stores were promised a custom cover of Godzilla stomping their store if they ordered over 500 copies. (

Switchbored also reports that MLP #1 is expected to get a fourth reprint.

This thread on a collector’s forum ( pointed me to a German pony forum where a comic shop announced ( they were expecting a fourth reprint of MLP #1 on Mid-February.

[Update:  Per Switchbored’s comment below, it’s on it’s fourth print, not reprint.]

[Thanks to Switchbored505 for the submission!]

As a reminder to our readers, the MLP comics have up to #5 (standard covers) available for order or pre-order, along with the microseries up to #2 (focusing on Twilight Sparkle for #1 and Rainbow Dash for #2).

[#3, #4, #5, Microseries #1, Microseries #2]

  • OK, so I’m a little slow, but fortunately you linked to Diamond’s top 500 so now it’s clear to me how FIM can be a top seller and not a top seller, all at the same time. Diamond’s top 500 list is pretty much just Marvel and DC issues, with a few independents like Dark Horse, Image and IDW popping up here and there. One of Marvel’s titles would have been on top, but somehow Image rolled a natural 20 and the #100 issue of Walking Dead sold more issues than any other title. Then it’s back and forth between DC and Marvel for 88 spots in the ranks before the next oddball gets in: IDW’s MLP at 90th place. Image doesn’t show up again until position #119, again at #148 and again at #180. There are no other independents, every single other title in the top 195 spots are DC and Marvel.

    So, it’s like the Jamaican bobsled team didn’t come in last. This explains why I have to special-order my issues of MLP. 8^)

    • Doc

      Ah, sorry about the confusion. I’ve updated the headline a little; hopefully it’s more clear.

      • No worries! 8^) With all the hype and the 2nd, 3rd and now 4th printing I was beginning to think I was going to see MLP comics at the grocery check-out stand. 8^D It explains why the people at the shop where I ordered #2 weren’t impressed as I babbled on and on about Ghost Variants, shop exclusive covers and merch no one carries (shops have to buy Funko figures by the case). 9_9

  • switchbored505

    Guys, I think I made a mistake on the email I sent you: it’s the fourth PRINT, not reprint. The translation said “fourth edition”, which I confused for a reprinting. That’s what happens when you translate an unknown language to a second-language. Sorry.

    Also, MLP #3 got pushed to January 30th. Sigh…

  • Anonymous

    All-time best selling? EVER? More than Transformers and Ghostbusters?

    Holy wow.

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