MLP Movie Details from Russia

forever_blowing_bubbles_by_haretrinity-d7gybfp[1]Forever Blowing Bubbles by HareTrinity

UPDATE: Naturally, we’ve received a request on behalf of Hasbro to remove the images containing assets from this article.

Over the weekend, new info on the 2017 MLP movie was revealed at a Russian Pony convention (PonyRadioCon) in a brand presentation which touched on MLP fashion, outreach, an Equestria Girls theatrical show and most notably some insight on the film next year. The full translation of the presentation can be read here.

Some key points/spoilers:

  • Movie release will likely be bumped from November 3rd to sometime in Summer 2017.
  • Possibly titled “Friendship Adventure”
  • Takes place in a world beyond Equestria.
  • Pirates and new creatures.
  • Ponies will transform into other creatures such as mermaids (a la breezies), but not by choice.
  • Featured musical star?
  • “Lord of the Rings with Ponies”
  • Ponykind enslaved.
  • Raffaele Lanza

    This will be my stop for the series. I’ve seen so many many many times shows that went on after their movies and turned into craps afterward (Spongebob, The PowerPuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Simpsons…. and so on….). If this movie won’t wrap up the series, I’m quitting after it regardless. I’ll still rewatch what I got until that point thought.

    • Firewing

      Okay, goodbye then. Cause I am always for the hopes that this show will at least last 10 season. I don’t know what you think has changed in the show, and I’m tired of seen people within our own fandom rag on the show they once loved. Yes the feel of the show after Lauren has left has indeed become different, but that happens with every show. It happens as the old writers, producers, directors, and animators go on to make creations of there own, and new ones come in. It doesn’t always necessarily change the show for the best, sometimes it does fail, but this show. This show has proven time and time again that it can remain fresh. It tips the scales of imagination and story telling (even with all the original people gone), and I will not abandon it just because some people within the fandom think it’s changed. My life was a living hell before this show appeared out of no where, and since then, I have changed with it, and I am growing with it. I see a new outlook on like that I had never known before, and I will not abandon the path that this show help me to find, and I certainly will never abandon the show itself over stupid reasons such as quality. If anything the quality of this show is getting better as the years go by, I can see it, and it’s unfortunate that you can’t. So if you want to leave behind the fandom, and or stop watching the show, by all means, you have a right to your own opinion, and you have the freedom to do so. And even in saying these things I wish you the best of luck where ever and in what ever you do in life. We are after all, all friends, one big family. However in saying that I am sorry to say that I can no longer take reading your messages on this sight silently anymore. As you are entitled to an opinion, so am I. And I will use it to praise this show for all the success that it has gained, all the lifelong friends it has gotten me, and for all the entertainment and lessons I take to heart that have guided me. And I will never let any so called change in it, dissuade me from it. I love this show, and I love this fandom. I love the art, the stories, the animations, everything. And I will never stop loving this show.