The map has called Twilight and Rainbow Dash to Wonderbolt Academy to solve a friendship problem. They come upon a pair of pegasi named Sky Stinger–who is very confident, but lacks skill—and Vapor Trail, who has skill, but lacks self-confidence. The reason the former has skill is because Vapor Trail has been giving him a boost. Vapor’s so focused on making Sky look good, that she isn’t focusing on her own skills.

Of course, both Twilight and Rainbow have different ideas on the problem. Twilight wants Vapor to come clean with the truth while Rainbow prefers fixing things without telling them because that could jar their confidence. After the backstory of Sky and Vapor, they try Rainbow’s way first with Twilight helping Sky while Rainbow helps Vapor. The latter comes out ok, but Vapor is clearly struggling. The truth ultimately comes out and Sky’s confidence is shot.

Twilight and Rainbow return to their respective charges to work on their confidence and then help each other make it in the Academy. Friendship problem solved!

Here’s a unique conflict compared to previous episodes. Vapor has the best intentions, but what she is doing is holding both her and Sky back. Sky cannot be bothered to learn and improve on the basics because he doesn’t feel he has to, and Vapor is so focused on flying with Sky, that she isn’t focused on what she wants for herself.

Both Twilight and Rainbow have different ways of teaching, but there’s a reason why the map has called both together. Twilight was once not so good at friendship, but improved with the help of her friends and she’s now the Princess of Friendship. With Sky, practice will make perfect. Rainbow likes to bring out the best in everypony—especially flyers under her wing. So, Vapor must emerge from Sky’s shadow and the both have to help each other instead of one propping the other.

I feel this is the best of this season’s three map episodes as it has both T-Sparks and the Dashinator (I had to get that in there sometime) in mentoring roles and introduces two characters with a interesting backstory. It’s definitely the best map episode since “The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone”. We get to see the best in Twilight and Rainbow just before the Season Six Finale. We’ll see how many map episodes we get in Season Seven and whether Starlight (or anyone besides the Mane Six) will get called by the map. But for now, we get to enjoy a top tier episode for this Season before the finale.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Twilight and Rainbow in mentoring roles
  • +  Great comedy
  • +  Two new interesting characters with an interesting backstory
  • +  A Make-A-Wish pony (Angel Wing)



  • Raffaele Lanza

    This episode is a MUST for all the fans for Twilight AND/or Rainbow Dash, since it shows them at their best. It also introduced two really interesting characters, and had a lot of good humor. Add two really good morals to it, and you get not only one of the best episodes of S6, but also the best map episode of the entire series BY FAR. Nice review as always Dan.

    ….. well… I guess this is it for now… sadly without spoiling anything I didn’t like the finale for a certain forced “thing” Miller and the others did in it that killed my enjoyment for it, so I won’t bother to even rewatch it or care for eventual reviews (no matter if positive or negative)….personally I want to pretend that Top Bolt was the actual S6 finale…. man, it’s such a shame I’ve been disappointed in the S6 finale since aside it I liked all the S6 episodes but one (The Cart Before the Ponies). So for now, I’ve no more reasons to visit pony sites, so I think I can officially start my break from ponies now, I won’t be visit here or any pony site until a few weeks before the S7 starts. The fandom caused me a lot of problems so I really need to get a pause from ponies in order to stop thinking about it and returning to enjoy the show by myself. I’ll keep to come here for the news and your reviews thought.

    That’s all for now Dan. See ya in about 5-6 months, and thanks for your reviews!

    • Frith

      I am curious as to what “thing” it was that peeves you. I hope you’ll be back next week to fill me in. 8^)

      The episode I liked the least was Where The Apple Lies. I don’t find watching someone dig there way out from under a pile of lies to be entertaining. I didn’t manage to watch that episode a second time, cutting it off half way through. Apart from that, I didn’t like Flutter Brutter and A Hearth’s Warming Tail, the former due to the parasite and the latter due to it being a weird and stale rehash of Dickens in a very non-pony Victorian England economic setting.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Please leave me alone.

      • A Hearth’s Warming Tail is the most Marmite episode I’ve ever seen. Over on UK of E, every single person has either loved it or hated. Nobody at all puts it in the middle! (I love it, but then I could watch A Christmas Carol rehashes for the rest of time.)

  • Frith

    Only Spike has a chair around the table, apart from the Mane Six. Since Spike didn’t provide a key to unlock the Tree Chest, the Tree could conceivably drop in more chairs and booty call other ponies. Silly horses, accepting the bit from whatever entity holds the bridle.

  • Brian Punch

    Awesome Episode

  • Midak Skymaster

    Top Kek.