These are from the Flickr stream Oak23 sent in.

Source. To the right is the Pinkie Pie single with the masquerade mask. The bemasked ponies will be the singles available in Crystal Princess Celebration.

Source. Single pack sun pony. Perhaps she’s a unicorn under that mask? She does have Twilight-shaped eyes.

Source. Better picture of school filly set. The Pinkie mold pony is Cheerilee.

Source. Better picture of the new Rarity. She has the short tail after giving it to Steven Magnet. She has a new head which has a very accurate hairstyle.

Source. QC is very well detailed. She has holes in her! She has the heavy-lidded eyes! She has the little crown thing!

  • Awww, I didn’t notice Smarty Pants yesterday. <3

  • Ethan


    • Bart

      Apple Bloom was released as a blind bag in the Class of Cutie Marks three pack last year.

  • EquestriaGuy

    The sun pony’s cutie mark has what appears to be a yin/yang in the center.