DHN correspondent Weatherhoof went to the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany to see if pony popped up.

NICI had a booth there. This is the company who recently announced that they will have a line of pony products. Weatherhoof was able to snag some pictures and information for us.

Not only will there be plushies, there will be school and desk supplies with ponies on them.

The biggest news is, of course, the plushies. They will be released in September and ONLY in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; it’s possible that they would be released to other countries, but only if demand is sufficient.

The three ponies to be released will be Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Twilight will be a unicorn, not an alicorn. They come in 12 cm, 30 cm and “life size.” The largest size will cost 90 Euros, which is 121 USD.

Unlike the Funrise plushies, these panes are very puffy and filled with stuffing, much like many of the custom plushies are.

There were some jumbo plushies in G3, but this is definitely the first time that we’ve seen mass-produced plushies of this quality in G4.

Pictures are from Weatherhoof’s Twitter.

  • Pinkie’s lookin’ a little tubby. :P

    • TailsFox88

      Just thinking the same thing…

      Though the smaller ones look really nice. :)

      • I like the medium sized twilight on the top left. Crossing my fingers for a quality Rarity plushie. :)

        • BND

          Yeah, that Twilight caught my eye as well, she actually doesn’t look half bad; here’s hoping that they become more accessible to everyone.

  • They look pretty good except for the large Pinkie Pie. Her legs just don’t match up with her body. They need to be a bit thicker and longer. I think that’s what’s making her look tubby. I just wish they’d make all 6 instead of always just Twi, Dash and Pinkie.