Senria also went to the Nuremberg International Toy Fair and sent in pictures and information to Equestria Daily. You can find all the pictures in her Photobucket album. A lot I’ve already covered, but there’s two new big pieces of information here.

The first is that a company called Universal Trends will make a set of “blindbag like ponies,” most likely all hard-molded small figures. There will be 6; only an Applejack with a hat was specifically mentioned.

The other big piece of news is the pictures from the Funrise booth. These are the plushies seen in America with cloth strip hair.

The booth shows a couple different sizes of ponies. The interesting bits are the sitting Rainbow Dash (left side in the middle), Trixie (bottom left) and Cheerilee (right behind Pinkie’s giant head) and the box set. The set seems to have tiny RD, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Vinyl Scratch. We’ve seen Vinyl Scratch before as a prototype, so it’s nice knowing that she’ll make it out. The new pattern for Rainbow Dash as well as the non-mane 6 characters are an interesting inclusion.

There was also a really big Rainbow Dash. There’s a giant Pinkie Pie that’s available to buy right now, but it’s unknown if Rainbow Dash will eventually be available or if she’s just for the show floor.

  • I spy Vinyl Scratch! And a suspicious blue unicorn.

    and i also really like the rarity and apple jack plushies
    oh wait V-V;

  • Anonymous

    dat massive dash

  • ManeFlame

    Applejack with a hat.
    Applejack with a hat?
    I may finally make a purchase! The day may be near!

  • Anonymous

    If applejack gets her hat, what excuse will I have to not buy it?

    Maybe it will look absolutely awful.

    • The hair! This horrible hair!

  • Ethan

    Were do we bye these at im to lazy to read the full thing? XD