More images have come out of the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, this time without context. The most important/intriguing pictures I’ll discuss here. You can find all the photos here.

These are new plushies. They have very soft-looking bodies and manes and tails similar to the G3.5 plushies. I have such a G3.5 plushie; the mane and tail will get matted with excessive cuddling. They still are very child friendly. I also don’t know if that’s Feathermay looking staright at the camera.

The Styling Head Pinkie Pie is one of many toys in the “girls like feminine things like doing make up” sector that had a lot of new pony installments. Many doll lines like Barbie and Bratz have done toys similar to these. It’s a beauty school practice head, but with a licensed character. First time I’ve seen it as a pony.

There’s also pictures of hair sets and vanities.

There’s what looks to be a play house for toddlers. It’s otherwise the same as any other play house on the market except for the pony stickers.

Here’s another picture of the NICI plusheis that we’ve seen. They look to be made of an extremely soft material. Eyes and cutie marks are embroidered on.

Tiny little plush pony keychains. There’s also school supplies like lunch boxes and pencil cases with plush pegasus wings on them.

Two different Spike plushies. Their tummies are different, their eyes are different, and the one on the left seems to be quadrapedal while the one on the right is bipedal.

Pinkie Pie and Toola Roola made an apperance as well. Why G3 characters were there, I’m not quite sure. It’s possible that they might get some new releases in 2013. Even though this is a G4 blog, I’m sharing this for you multi-gen fans in case this is newsworthy to you. G3 Scootaloo is in another picture as well.

Lots of girly girly toys at the toy fair, which is disappointing. You can spot a couple of already-released toys like the Pony Wedding castle and the customizable Rainbow Dash.

Whether these will make their way to America or other territories, we’ll have to see in time. American releases will be announced at the NYC Toy Fair in just a week! Stay tuned.

  • PCP2443

    Is it weird i’m tempted to buy one of those giant Spikes?

  • Bubblegum

    It’s weird seeing G3.5 stuff there, but I love the little keychain plushies :)

  • ManeFlame

    Gonna have to go with “that pinkie pie styling head should have been rarity.”

    • Jody Morgan

      At least it wasn’t Twilight or Dash. I know a lot bronies don’t care for the “girly girly” toys, but I think the Pinkie Pie styling head is a pretty good addition to the toy line. Still wish they’d have a Twilight Sparkle-as-librarian playset…

  • SPIKE! I need that plushie ;0;

  • Anonymous

    … I want that NICI Twilight so bad.

  • Chao

    hey,if that is feathermay could you ask her who’s head that is I think I see just behind her on the other side of the rack?
    (anyone else might also want to check Img_0387.jpg (shown above) and Img_0388.jpg (G3.5ish Twi as well as Rarity and RD) from the photo list to see what I’m referring to)
    if those blue quills belong to who I think they do,just behind whom may-or-may-not be feathermay looking right into the camera (and just in back of the spectacular hooves of Rainbow Dash) well guess this could always mean what I’m hoping it means.
    Or it could just be some ‘other blue hedgehog’ from Littlest Pet Shop or something who knows but I’m interested if anyone could find out for me.

    for that matter

    hey is that sonic the hedgehog right behind you???

  • It does look like Feathermay. It might be too girly, but I think most fans will welcome the Styling Head Pinkie Pie to the My Little Pony line. I want one of those giant Spike plush toys.