More Wedding Promos (Video, Pictures)

Married, with foals by Stinkehund

Pictures and an actual clean video of the Tori Spelling commercial we had several days ago. We’ll keep it behind the page break, because I’m sure the spoiler watch is on high alert at this point.


Well, I don’t think we’ve seen ponies kissing before, it’s always just been nose rubbing, but here we see Cadence and Shining Armor kissing like the French. This picture comes from an article found in USA Today’s PopCandy section.

Then we rewind to the ceremony and Princess Celestia acting as the Justice of the Peace. This picture cropped up from a site called LA Story, which looks to be a parent-oriented site. The article talks a little about the season finale and recaps the party at Royal/T.

Last is the Tori Spelling promo commercial that we sort of had back on Saturday, except that this version is not a major zoom and crop video.

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