Source unknown, someone tell me if you know.

Sadly the flow of incoming music has slowed down since the end of the second season, but I still do have some songs for your perusal, a word which here means enjoyment, after the break!


Vocal Music:

A song from The Living Tombstone, and Bronyfied about Doctor Whooves! And Daleks!


The second part of Colgates Quest, from AcousticBrony!

A song from Peak Freak about an Earth Pony wanting to be able to fly!


Aviators singing a song about Twi from Shining Armor’s perspective!


And pretty much the same theme from MandoPony!


Non-Vocal Music:

A song from General Mumble about Pinkie Pie….on drugs. It’s 4:20 long and was made on 4/20. No symbolism there.


A great song from SoGreatandPowerful using glitch vocals and other goodness!


A cool electronic song featuring vocals from a Chicken!


The full version of the theme The Living Tombstone made for Epic Wub Time!

Show Music Remixes/Covers:


Another full album Gorillaz and Ponies mash-up from the same guy who did Discord Days!


A cover of BBBFF from Cyril Rufus and his sister!


And a remix from SimGretina!


Interrobang remixing “This Day Aria” into…an 8-bit boss battle? Ok.


A more traditional remix of “This Day Aria” by AgileDash


And a cover by MandoPony!

A remix of winter wrap up from DJ poniver!


An orchestral remix of the main theme!


And that’s it for this week! As always you can submit music suggestions for me in one of three ways: Click the submissions button, email me directly at [email protected] or send me a message on my youtube here.

Till next time, enjoy the music, and keep making it!