Musical Interlude #- oh. wait.

By NamelessHero2222

So for those(few) of you who might’ve been wondering, the lack of a musical interlude last and this week, is actually not due to laziness on my part(surprisingly). All the songs I post are from what I get submitted to me, and from my subscriptions(about 200) uploads on youtube for the past week. Well unfortunately, something went wrong in youtubes last update for me, and now when I click load more for my subscriptions, it just reloads the the first page of subscriptions(IE, goes from uploads 1 day ago, back to uploads 6 minutes ago, ad infinitum), as such, I won’t be able to get a post up until this is fixed, if anyone has a solution, or even a work around, please comment or shoot me an email at [email protected], it will be much appreciated.




  • Anonymous

    You can try to see them with an rss feed.
    Here’s how to find your youtube subscriptions feed:
    Then you can just keep going to that url, or add it to an rss reader (like google reader)

  • Anonymous

    It’s part of Youtubes wonky update, it only shows posts from the last week, or popular “highlights,” really annoying.. in order to see them all, at the top, go to the right of the box that says “Show uploads only.” Go to “View,” open that drop box, and select “everything,” now you’ll be able to see them the way you used to.

    • Anonymous

      Daymare here, not logged in XD

      Anon1, I’ll try that thanks.
      Anon2, Yeah, I knew that, that’s not the problem. It’s like, after I switch to everything, say it gives me video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4…all the way to video 10, and then there’s the load more button right? Well used to be when I clicked the load more button it’d go from video 10 to video 11, video 12…now it goes video 10, load more, video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4…

  • Toksyuryel

    Easy solution to subscription tracking in youtube: tell it to email you for each video uploaded.