The H Filesby *Toonlancer

The H Files
by *Toonlancer

During the Hasbro Toy Fair Investor Day Presentation, Hasbro’s global chief marketing officer John A. Frascotti made the following announcements (roughly 24:00 onward).

Now as we look ahead to the fall of 2013, we’re launching an entirely new pony brand expression in our top-10 countries. We’re going to launch it with a made-for-TV movie and full execution of this new IP across our blueprint. We did a tremendous amount of research, and our consumer insights told us that girls want more ways to play with My Little Pony and more ways to experience My Little Pony, so we’ve developed a brand new expression of My Little Pony—an entirely new IP—that will appeal to slightly older girls and give them an even “cooler” way to play with My Little Pony. And we’ll deliver this IP across multiple product categories within toy and other categories as well, and then importantly across all of our digital platforms. We’ll be revealing this new IP later this summer with full-fledged pink carpet events at major pop culture venues like San Diego’s Comic-Con, so you’ll be hearing more about this new IP as the year unfolds.

So we can expect to see the long-awaited movie this year, however, it doesn’t seem to be linked to Friendship is Magic so much as to the mysterious new “intellectual property,” which may or may not be the Equestria Girls trademark we reported on previously.

He also praised the fans of My Little Pony for their engagement, but, unless it’s the cold clouding my senses, never mentioned bronies, pegasisters, or male fans. He did refer to an article in the Wall Street Journal, though, and we know what that one was about.

  • Anonymous

    k, it was nice watching ponies with you guises, I’m now leaving all those wonderful and colored stuffs.

  • Ryan C

    Uh oh.

  • Medic_Starshine

    I’m afraid…. so very afraid… DEAR GOD, HASBRO

  • If this new IP is not directly connected to FiM i am not afraid. So they screw up with that. Big deal. At least we got Sesaon 4.

  • PCP2443

    Betting Spin Off “Equestria Girls!?” will be about AnthroMorphic Ponies or the Ponies as Humans… could be fun if done right.

    But yeah again NEW IP is its own thing People FIM will still do its own thing. Kind of like with Transformers, you have Prime & Rescue Bots, both part of the same franchise, but different shows. So yeah no worries.

  • My take on it is this:

    Lauren Faust wanted to do a Cutie Mark Crusaders spin-off with the CMC trying out different jobs which would educate little girls about career choices. One guess I’ll hazard is that Hasbro will try and revive that idea, and then “age up” Friendship Is Magic by focusing more on Lord of the Rings adventure and, yes, maybe romance.

    No, I don’t give a crap if it invalidates your one true pairing. Go to a Last Airbender forum and throw yourselves a pity party together, because I don’t want to hear about it.

    • Supertide

      I’m afraid you are setting yourself up for a disappointment.

      • No, I’m not. I don’t particularly care either way.

  • Supertide

    Finally the end of the fandom is at hand. Thank you Hasbro!

  • Anonymous

    EqD says they mentioned bronies. You say they didn’t. Thank you for telling it like it is!

  • Anonymous


  • regalmlpfanfilm

    no idea what makes anyone think this is the end of the fandom.

    • It’s largely a persecution complex (or querulous paranoia, if you want to get technical). Certain personality types have a tendency to attach themselves to a culture. It doesn’t matter whether that culture is the Christian religion, German nationalism, or Star Wars fandom; the effect is largely the same. Hand-in-hand with that comes the paranoia that any change that does not meet their personal conception of how the culture should progress (often not at all) means that it’s being sold out or eroded, and the sense of identity that culture gives them along with it.

      • Anonymous

        Wow. Lots of things make sense now.
        But is it something immutable or it can be supressed by reasoning?
        Because if it can be supressed by reasoning, then they have no excuses..

        • I ask myself that question all the time. I think it all relies on whether every person has the self-awareness to realize they’re on an ego trip and put aside the feelings of superiority they crave from it.

          That’s why Buddhism is so successful, I think: precisely because the world is taught to be always changing, and trying to hold on to what must inevitably change only leads to suffering. Ironically, that’s one of the central tenets of Star Wars’s pseudo-Buddhist Jedi teachings, as Yoda himself teaches in Empire Strikes Back.

  • Uwot

    So what does this mean? please someone explain this, simpler.

  • Seraphem

    Seriously, “New IP” is something totally new, and not directly connected to the main show. Like someone above said, Transformers. Several different, unrelated series, each their own IP.

    Plus, they are announcing details at Comic-Con, a place they KNOW will be almost nothing but Bronies showing up for (not counting the media). And yes they didn’t directly mention us, but keep in mind who they were talking to. The same types of people that required Celestia be Pink because that’s all girls would buy. They were tailoring the speech to their audience, who doesn’t care about us.

  • Moonshadow

    Seriously, Hasbro? Look, you made a great cartoon that appeals to guys and teens. Stop trying to get the little girl vote. They don’t want ponies anymore. They want Justin Beiber, One Direction and Shake It Up. Just accept that we bronies are your audience and take our feedback. Stop trying to avoid the skid and drive right into it.

    We are your fans.

    We are your supporters.

    We are your money.


    • JustMe

      We fell in love with the show when Hasbro thought only little girls were watching. The best thing they could do is pretend that only they watch.

  • Anonymous

    All I wanted to do is watch a little girls show……is that too much to ask?!?!

  • So many things I could say, so many other things I’ve already said elsewhere.

  • They’re announcing that G5 will appeal to an older crowd, that they’ll announce it at Comic-Con…

    …and Bronies are worried?

    Sounds wonderful to me!

  • The Box Ghost

    I have acquired the new boxes of toys they are making a show about.

    And it is filled with generation 4.5 toys.


  • Anonymous

    While it will be a spin-off movie, I’m ok with this. After all the S4 of FiM is already confirmed.

  • Anonymous
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  • Unknown

    Oh boy,

    Is this good? Bad? Both?

  • Somepony

    Can someone please explain what “IP” means? I fel dumb for askin this :/

    • Intellectual property. That may be what they say when they’d like to be so specific as to say “thing,” but want it to sound fancier.

  • Pinkie Pie 3 u

    Seriously, I agree with moon shadow. If they now that their are older fans embracing the show. Why not cater to them. If they only cater to little girls then **** them, it will be their loss that they could have capitalized on the new male market. I live this show so much and as a working 21 year old male, I’m deeply at awe at how dense they could be.

    • Anonymous

      “will appeal to slightly older girls and give them an even “cooler” way to play with My Little Pony”
      Possibly a hint that they are doing just that?

  • Mud

    Okay, I feel extremely moronic at this particular moment.
    I have no idea what IP stands for in this article.
    If someone would please be kind enough to tell me without being a complete and total jackass, I would very much appreciate it.

    • Naw, don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one who asked (see Somepony’s comment above). It’s short for “Intellectual property.”

  • Anonymous

    its not a movie its a new series where the ponies are humans. And the only reason we have twilicorn is because hasbro wants more money.

  • Nuclear MuffinCookie

    As long as it isn’t canon to the mane series, I still have hope for Equestria Girls. However, I’d much rather see a FiM movie…

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  • I’m not a brony, but I’m damn well certain that all bronies are going to be enraged, and for good reason. This is like… Well, if the my little PONY movie starred HUMANS! I can’t think of a better simile to compare this to? I mean, WHY???!?!?!!!??!!?!