Daffoderp – by: loomx

The folks over at the Nerdist News (please look at my resume!) had a chat with Lauren Faust about her new work Super Best Friends Forever, of course we came up in one question.
If you want to read the entire article, the link is here

But I will just paste the relevant bits.

NN – Nerdist News

LF – Lauren Faust

NN: A large section of your audience for the My Little Pony show are males who go by the term of “bronies.” We asked a friend who is a brony if he had anything he would want to ask or anything like that, and he actually came back with “She’s the creator. I don’t even know…” like revered as if you were some kind of deity. It was strange but what’s your interaction with fans when you come across things like that? How do you handleinteraction with the bronies? And what do you think that might transfer over to DC, that already has such a built-in fan-boy audience?

LF: Well, the only interaction I really had with bronies is online. I haven’t met too many bronies in person, surprisingly enough. But I have a website and, you know, they contact me through that and I answer when I can. It’s tough. There’s a lot of influx and, you know, there’s limitation on certain things I can talk about. In general, they’re really cool people. I’ve said over and over again that I’m just impressed that the male bronies can ignore the societal pressures that they would have to have to stay away from something and pretend that they don’t enjoy something they really enjoy because it’s for little girls, and I respect them for that. On top of that, they just seem to be really, really nice people. And, hopefully, they’ll tune in to SBFF and like it as much as they like Pony. I wrote to please them, and I hope i can live up to their expectation.