New Episode Titles: “The Prisoner” and “The Bad Guy”

Zap2it has published the titles of two new episodes, “The Prisoner” and “The Bad Guy.” “The Prisoner” is set to be the b part to “The Good Deed” on October 12, and “The Bad Guy” will be paired with “The Fugitives” on October 18 although the latter episode will then already have aired as b part for “The Picnic.” Don’t ask me; I didn’t make it.

Now—according to Zap2it, the Disney press releases, and interviews—we can look forward to the following premiere lineup (excluding repeats):

  1. “The Greatest” and “The Egg” on September 13
  2. “The Fugitives” on September 20
  3. “The Picnic” and “The Fugitives” on September 21
  4. “The Good Deed” on September 27
  5. “The Pet” on October 4
  6. “The Prisoner” on October 11
  7. “The Good Deed” and “The Prisoner” on October 12
  8. “The Bad Guy” and “The Fugitives” on October 18
  9. “The Box” on an unknown date
  10. “The Void” on an unknown date

Strangely enough, “The Pet” is set to air before “The Good Deed” and “The Prisoner,” but since that date comes straight from a Disney press release, I’m not inclined to doubt it. In a few weeks we’ll know the dates with more certainty.

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