New Licensed Pony Toys

MLP News have some new licensed toys listed, great for little kids or collectors.

Paint and style Fluttershy. She’s a big chunk of dried clay that you can paint, then you use stickers to add cutie marks and eyes. Mane and tail are plugged in and there’s beads, clips and a brush to decorate. This would be a great gift for crafty children.

MLP Fuzzy-felt. Fuzzy-felt is a flocked board and multiple felt pieces with printed designs. The felt “sticks” to the flocking via static friction. It’s like those sticker board sets but without any loss of effectiveness over time. This would be awesome for the car or for carrying along so kids have something to do while waiting for food at a restaurant. The small pieces can be tossed into a Ziploc and the board easily carried around, so I can see this being used to placate small children for quite some time.

Crafty parents can make additional pieces with iron-on transfers and felt, all available from craft stores.

There’s an MLP Trouble game. For those who’ve never played, you move pegs around a molded plastic board to get to your “home base.” Because everything fits together it’s hard to lose pieces.

  • Cool beans! People are going to have a hay day customizing that clay model, and pony Trouble? Yes please!