Dragon Ponies Set 1 by Blood-Asp0123

Dragon Ponies Set 1 by Blood-Asp0123

Once more Entertainment Weekly delivers and endows us with a fresh teaser of the upcoming episode.

Here an excerpt from the accompanying article—this paragraph seemed the least spoilery, in case you still believe in spoilers.

In October, Friendship Is Magic head writer Meghan McCarthy told EW that the show’s third season would see a favorite villain returning “in a very, very awesome way.” We know now that the pony in question is none other than Trixie, a conceited traveling magician last seen fleeing from Ponyville in a puff of poorly-conjured smoke.

Head over there to watch it and read the article, or have a peek after the break!

Frame from Magic Duel

Source: The Hub via Entertainment Weekly

  • Wayoshi

    Hey, I don’t see a specific article on family-room.ew.com anymore… was the article up by mistake earlier today?

    • They put up the video first. I assume the article will follow eventually. Wired did something like that too at one point.

      • Wayoshi

        Is the video accessible from a webpage though, or is it buried in source code? Feels like a premature release.

      • jeremy

        Yeah, how do you even find this?

  • TailsFox88

    There is so much awesomeness packed into that single minute. I am dying of anticipation for this Saturday!

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