Newsarama posted an article talking about the relationship between IDW Publishing and Hasbro.  Those familiar with pony are of course well aware of the IDW MLP series, but of course Hasbro has other products which are being promted by IDW and the comic book front, such as G.I. Joe and Transformers.  An excerpt from the Newsarama article:

Given their previous track record and the overlapping fanbases however, it’s no surprise IDW could achieve success with G.I. Joe and Transformers comic series. But when IDW announced it was doing a My Little Pony comic series, it was a different story entirely. But fast forward to the present day and IDW’s My Little Pony has shown amazing sales numbers, leading the publisher to do an expansive line of My Little Pony ongoing series and collections. Newsarama asked Barber for his perspective about the surprise success, and he said it’s largely because it engages a different audience than comics normally attracts – an audience starved for material.

My Little Pony is a phenomenal success. It’s great because it’s introducing a lot of new readers—and a wide demographic of readers—to comics,” Barber explains. “A bunch of IDW editors go to the comic book store on Wednesday at about the same time every week. Whenever there’s a new My Little Ponycomic, there’s a girl of about seven or eight years old who’s dragged her dad in so she can buy the comic. He’s not buying anything; it’s all about her getting a comic she likes. That’s fantastic.”

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  • 404compliant

    Wait, 8-year old *girls* read MLP comics? They’re sure its not the dad buying the comic, just pushing his daughter as an excuse for it?