Yeah, we’re really late to this party. I picked up a nasty cold and been sleeping all day while DerpySquad has been out all day as well doing who knows what.

Anyways, it’s Ponyleaks to the rescue! Thanks to Telofy, there’s a full writeup on the important parts, but I hear it’s a pretty good interview.

I’ll copy and paste the breakdown Telofy wrote up after the break, but I suggest giving him a visit to show your appreciation. Thanks!

  • “About two or three years ago now I first got wind of them doing the show.” (34:30) Not exactly exact, but I felt like including it.
  • She auditioned at least for Celestia, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. (35:10)
  • She wanted to be Celestia from the beginning. (35:50)
  • Cheerilee is more “on caffeine” than Celestia. (41:00) Me gusta. (Random association, probably due to caffeine.)
  • She sort of agreed that they have greater personal freedom as voice actors than in other shows she worked on. (41:50)
  • She was very evasive about whether she’ll be voicing any new characters. (43:45) Can’t really tell anything from that but it sounds a bit more like “yes” than “no.”
  • She hopes for a chance to sing as Celestia or Cheerilee and has talked to the composer about it, but “nothing quite yet,” though “there’s been rumors.” (44:30) Since Michelle Creber said that they had started recording for the third season a few weeks ago, and that she enjoyed the many songs, and since it probably takes Daniel a while to compose new songs, I take this as a sign that Nicole is hopeful that the show will be continued beyond sixty-five episodes. I’m not entirely sure of my logic though, so take this with a grain of salt.
  • There’s a Cheerilee episode coming up. (45:45)
  • “… or when they do choose to link an episode or two.” (46:10) How do you link one episode? In any case, she sounded like she wasn’t sure whether she was allowed to give away that more two-parters are coming up, and so quickly added that she was of course referring to the first two episodes of each season. Jayson Thiessen has told us that already, so no need to fret, Nicole.
  • She thinks the brony phenomenon is amazing. She admires the art and writing we produce, and said that “the idea that something that I’ve been blessed to be a part of can allow other people an opportunity to express themselves artistically and to find some joy and happiness is a wonderful gift.” (51:39)
  • She does a lot of charitable work, e.g., for A Loving Spoonful and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. (54:55) You rock!
  • She told a story that concluded with a life lesson. (56:40) Wonderful.
  • Her favorite Shakespeare play is Twelfth Night, but As You Like It and Troilus and Cressida are also high on her list. (1:07:04)
  • She mentioned that she stared in the upcoming movie Innocent and the show 1001 Nights (as Shahrzad). The show has been running since 2010, though, so she evidently has enough time for both shows. (1:07:49)
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    Consarnit! I LITERALLY wrote out the treatment of a comic with this very same punchline over lunch today!

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    First of all my get well wishes, and thanks for the promo!

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