Present Fluttershy by *SpeccySY

Seems the Hub is pimping out “Putting Your Hoof Down” this week. Preview clip found behind the page break.

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Rainbow Muffins by ~VanillaCompact

First off, Happy Derpy Day.

I see some calling it her birthday, but this is more just a random holiday created by the community, the first of a couple we got going on. It is just to celebrate all the greatness that is Derpy, and eat a muffin. I am planning on a post or two today about Derpy, our “origins” article is now badly out of date with all the recent drama, and we’ll probably do an artwork dump (if I can find happy pictures of her in my favorites), and I’ll be re-writing the DerpyGate article (which is going to be made into a sub-page on the site) so its up to date with the current events.

But in other news, The Hub today posted an official press release on their upcoming programming year. We’ve already been well aware of Season 3, unfortunately the article doesn’t say how many episodes. Last we knew it was slated for 13 episodes, but I suspect it’ll be a full season. The information of the 13 episodes was leaked back in the late fall, and at that point Hasbro was probably just being cautious since Season 2 was fresh out of the box. I’m sure Season 2 has done quite well. You never know, they might have had only slated 13 episodes of Season 2 last year, we didn’t really catch wind about S2 until roughly this time last year.

Along with MLP in renewed shows on the Hub, it includes Pound Puppies, Dan VS., and the two Transformer Shows. New shows (animated that is) is, Care Bears, Welcome to Care-a-lot, Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters, Littlest Pet Shop (heh, really), and Spooksville. It seems they’ve also acquired Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, Mork & Mindy, and The Facts Of Life.

[ Source: Discovery Press ]

That'll do Derpy by *LVGCombine

The following is a conversation via e-mail between the Save Derpy Tumblr that was recently established and Amy Keating Rogers, writer of The Last Roundup (and many other great episodes). It never occured to me that I should have written her, as we spoke several months ago about the Season 3 leaks and the changes to the staff at Studio B. But Daniel who runs the Save Derpy Tumblr spoke with her on the whole situation, and it sheds some light at least into the creative aspect of the scene (namely that it was much longer) and other details, including some about the choice behind the changes to the episode.

Letter after the break.

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Comic: Fluttershy Origins by Madmax

fluttershy origins by *CSImadmax

A little morning entertainment for ya’ll (or evening for the other side of the world). I did catch the PMV Blog video announced over the RSS feed, but I must have missed Serious Luna. EqAmRd is known for the video dubbed “Fim FanFic“, one of the first fan assembled animations that made you go ‘whoa’. I’m sure there was a couple of others that I either missed or just can’t remember anymore, but before this video it was mostly PMVs made up of show clips. Now it seems everyone is into the ponyfan animation game.

This is Fluffy. She wants to be the fastest pony. Help her by killing your spacebar in the flash game after the break.

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Soon my Pretty... by ~atryl

Well yesterday was the drop of the first of many MLP dvds, The Friendship Express.  Its kind of depressing when you compare it next to another resent release for the Transformers fans, a Blu-Ray disc with all sorts of extras on it. But as I’ve said before, this is a product that is being produced for the retailers to throw at children’s parents in the check-out line, someday in the future we might get that DVD we all want to add to our collection, but this isn’t it. And don’t blame Shout! Factory, they are doing what Hasbro wants, and probably what they could do with I’m sure a limit budget for producing the DVD. No one has screamed that The Last Roundup was edited, so its safe to assume its version 1 as promised on the DVD, which does make it worth purchasing in a way.

But there seems to be a few errors going on with the DVD, at least one major one (unless it was just the one person), but minor mistakes here and there.

  • Rainbow Dash is missing her cutie mark on the back cover.
  • Episode One seems to have a sound sync issue, by the time it ends its about 500ms off from the scene.
  • G3 Movie Trailer between the FBI warning and Main Menu (okay, not exactly an error, just good old product placement).
  • The Character Bios are for Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Celestia. Rainbow Dash utterly missing.
  • Celestia’s bio claims that she is the only pony born with both wings and a horn. (Luna, Forever Alone).