Slow news day is slow, but I guess its probably a combo of good weather and spring, ponies doing their winter wrap up (mfw my snowmobiles are still in the yard, surrounded by green grass) and off doing god knows what.  I know the IRC channel I dwell in has been quiet.  So videos you’ve probably already seen.

My Little Pony:  Friendship is Animals

This is a 42 minute video of the first two episodes dubbed with Pink Floyd’s Animals album.  I haven’t given it a go, but its probably interesting.  Heh, kind of like listening to Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz, never tried that either.
Nyan Dash
Actually ponies brought me to this song, well the Myon version that seems to go around.  As the description says, it just had to be done.
Well, not really news, but if for some reason you’re looking to read just this news section (which now uses blogspot) we do have a domain for it for easier linking.
That’s all for now, Happy Easter everypony!  Question for you, what would easter by like in Equestria, if they actually had the holiday, but you know, the whole bunny bringing you candy and such, not nailing someone to a pair of boards because he threatened the Romans.

Episode 12 – Call of the Cutie Now Available in 1080/720p, Cutie Mark Chronicles Webrip

Freshly encoded and released by Mentos and TrollHD, Episode 12, Call of the Cutie in delicious 1080 and 720p.  As said in the review, there’s the possibility we’ll get at least one more if TrollHD records the pony marathon tomorrow on the hub.

Ep 12 – Call of the Cutie [1080p] [720p]

Ep 23 – Cutie Mark Chronicles (Webrip)

Well, I’ve been given an address for a 720p version of Owl’s Well that Ends Well, I think its the itunes version which means no watermarks, but its a new source that has all the episodes in 720p.

Owl’s Well that Ends Well

Swedish Pony Video Files

Someone do me the favor and alert me if there is something fishy about these files, its a new source and I don’t download the HD versions cause my internets are not the best, so if someone who does download this, give it a scan and let us know.

TrollHD which is the source of the raw HDs that Mentos encodes and uploads for us, doesn’t seem to be recording them on Friday anymore.  The new episode does air several times over the weekend, Saturday @ 9:30am and again on Monday @ 1:30pm, so they are probably grabbing the rips during one of those viewings now.


Super Ponybeat – So Many Wonders (EuroSky Vocal Mix)

Seems someone is mixing lyrics into EuroBeatBrony’s work, and when I say lyrics, I mean the actual vocals from the show.  When someone showed me this, I thought they meant someone random singing, but here is Fluttershy, giving you a heart attack with her love of nature.

Well since I got the ability to post up images easier with the blogger, you’ll be seeing more Derpy related material up here, first..

All my money, TAKE IT, these are so cute.  You can check out Meghan’s dA Spirit of America.  She has also done an Applejack Plushie found here.  She’s currently not taking commissions, so you’ll have to wait for the Derpy.

Random comic with Derpy, and Pinkie Pie stealing her muffin.  Love her face on the first panel, I was going to crop her out and say she was attempting to move the muffin with her mind, like Silent Bob in Mall Rats.
(Edit / Update)  It was pointed out over in EqD when the bottom comic hit, that its a follow up to the comic that is now above it.


Something new I’ll start doing every Saturday, Derpy Review!  Someone said EqD use to do this, and it sounded like a good idea.  Besides my own review, I have linked news pieces from both EquestriaDaily and EquestriaGaming from the past week.  After doing EqD’s links, I can see why BlogBrony doesn’t do a review, he has a ton of news.  So lets begin.

– Owl’s Well That Ends Well airs, seems to be a 50/50 episode like several others, more or less some people think its great, while others think it was crap, and of course a few in the middle.  Of course it can’t top the CMC episode of last week, but very little can.  We are now left with the depressing fact that there is only two more episodes left to this season.  Next season has not been announced, but speculation predicts October, as I think its been said that season 2 production wraps up in December, and this is more or less in line with how the first season ran production wise.

– Friday Morning Music Videos:  Myskinsoft Pony Remover (recommended, I found it addicting), Rainbow Gradius, Winter Wrap Up (at the Everfree Forest) and Lunar Eclipse (Luna’s Theme), both also recommended.

Friendship is Magic – Theme Song (Piano / Instrumental)

MLP:FiM Flash Game Story Contest:  The development team of the MLP:FiM Flash Game are looking for a story that will fuel their game, see link for details.

– Polish Subtitle Episodes now available from ObessionOctopus, found in this playlist.

– MLPMMO Update:  There’s been plenty of updates, this was the sprite test where you can fly around Fluttershy’s house.  StrawberrySpice over at EquestriaGaming wrote up a review, which I send you people to.

– EquestriaDaily crested 3 million page views.

– Derpy Forums was resurrected, though still expected to be a ghost town with random vistors, like Scooby Doo.

– Hub Pony Easter Marathon:  Starting at 11am EST, the Hub will be playing Swarm of the Century, Winter Wrap Up, Feeling Pinkie Keen, and Owl’s Well That Ends Well.  If we are lucky, TrollHD will be recording that day, and we’ll get HD versions of Swarm of the Century & Winter Wrap Up.  Also its been noted Call of the Cutie (ep 12) has also been ripped in raw HD, Mentos will probably be encoding that this weekend.

MadMax’s Derpy Comic, filly Derpy blows up a chemistry project due to RD’s Sonic Rainboom, thus caused her to have Derpy eyes.

Summer Sun Celebration Contest:  A contest being held by Plaster for musical videos, AMVs and whatnot, though no Fanfics as some people noted.  Contest ends June 20th, and will be judged by MadMax, Purple Tinker, Plaster, Eurobeat Brony, Blog Brony and myself.

My Little Pony: Friendship is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Hasbro:  Youtube Poop video that even has people who are not overly fans of YTP, loving it.

My Little Turret, awesome portal crossover image.

Twilight’s Theme (Vanquishing the Ursa Minor) by David Larsen.  If you enjoy his work, it should be noted that he will be working on the music for the MLP:FiM Flash Game.

Pony Plushies & Pony Pins:  Unknown but somepony out there creating awesome plushies, and then pre orders from Kanamai who made the RD Pins for a new set that includes all of the staff.

VGCats confirmed Brony: puts out a Pony related comic, very mixed reviews.  Random note, a comic called ExterminatusNow which can be described as a Sonic The Hedgehog art style comic (has nothing to do with Sonic outside the general character designs) is also confirmed Brony, they did not make a Pony comic but the artist behind the comic “The Virus” made pony art.

MLP:FiM Flash Game put out a tech demo, people realized that no, the project isn’t dead.

– Concept Art is released (though its been pointed out it was released several months ago), but just been noticed again.

– Music and Video dump, excellent stuff including two Ponybeats.  We have [My Little Pony vs Death Note], [Super Ponybeat – CMC Blankflank Edition], [Super Ponybeat – So Many Wonders], [Princess Luna’s Lullaby], [MLP:FiM Piano Medley] and [FiM – So Many Wonders Piano/Instrumental]

[EquestriaGaming’s News Week Review]

MLP:FiM Flash Game Story Contest

[EquestriaDaily’s News Week Review]


Ponies Surpass All Other Memes on Know Your Meme

Pony Sticker Drawing


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Twilight Sparkle Charity Auction

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Random Celebration // What is Love

Equestria Daily FAQ

Drawfriend Stuff #65

Rainbow Gradius // Myskinsoft Pony Remover

Flash Game Story Contest

Episode Commentary From Bronycomms (Updated Episodes 5+6!)

2d Pony MMO New In Game Footage

Winter Wrap Up Remix // Lunar Eclipse

Massive Minecraft Pony Murals


Spanish Brony Community

Art of the Dress No BGM

Applejack Charity Auction up!

It’s Over 3,000,000 comic!

FiM Director Asks Weird Al For a Guest Appearance

Mario Paint Composer Pony Songs! (Added: Cutie Mark Crusading!)

3 Million Hits! Luna Time!

Unofficial Pony Screenplays for Episodes One and Two

2D Pony MMO Flying Sprite Test

Pony City Name Puns From Ponychan

Pinkie Confirmed for Living at Sugar Cube Corner

Poll Results: Who Has the Best Voice?

Equinophobia Hip Trot Album

Two Giggle At The Ghostly Remixes

So Many Wonders: Voice Only // Dubstep Pony

Derpy Hooves Cutie Mark Origins

Equestrian Inquirer- Pony Tabloids (4 New Pages!)


MLP Deathnote Opening

Winged Pinkie Pie Concept Sketch Up on Ebay!

More Youtube Poop!

Weird Al Joins the Pony Legion?

Friendship Locker Prank

Summer Sun Celebration Contest

Equestria Chronicles Pony MMO Contest

Top Pony // My Little Fight Club

Amazing Fluttershy Plushie

Milenio Publishes a Pony Comic!

Project: Merch Surveys Are Complete!

Lauren Faust’s Derpy Hooves Up On Ebay!


University Pony Presentation

Instrumental: Twilight Vanquishes the Ursa Minor

Rainbow Dash Pins Have Arrived!

Ponycraft Server Progress

Comic: Pony Time

Nightmare Moon Battle // Twilight’s Welcoming Party Remix