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Big Mac
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Recently Ryan Markey of the Markey Mailer blog got a chance to sit down with Peter New, the voice of Big Mac and man of many shows (Lillest Pet Shop, Sunflower Hour, Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and Dustykatt of Everfree Network’s Stay Brony, My Friends. Text based interview so we’ll be sending you over to the Markey Mailer page, and we’ve collected a few quotes from the interview below.

Peter told me some of the details which goes into being a voice for the show.

“It’s an interesting quandary being a voice actor,” he said, “because the assumption of course is that you know everything about what’s going on but the reality is that you know very little. We record these episodes months in advance usually and of course when we record them we don’t have a picture, we just have lines of text. So people will want to know things about what’s happening in the picture which we will have no clue about and it’s ever surprising when you actually finally do see a show what happened. You think well that joke makes sense to me now, now that I see what’s happening. I know I saw it written down but I couldn’t picture it. People will ask you about, ‘was the fact that the character was red anything to do with the voice that you came up with?’ Well no I didn’t know the character was red. I had no idea. I just saw Horse number one. Magnum is another example. That was just Rarity’s father and the fanbase named the character Magnum and I quite liked that for a name for that character, I think it’s very funny. I played Dr. Stable in the Daring Do episode and again, it’s not called Dr. Stable, it’s just called Doctor.

Peter told me about the development of the voices and how much of the time the cast is left in the dark when it comes to the show’s development. “A lot of the time, too, you’ll just get thrown these voices on the fly,” he said. “I’ll be standing there because I played something else in the episode perhaps and they’ll just say, ‘ok Peter can you read this doctor character?’ and I’ll say, ‘uh ok uh, something official like this?’ and they’ll say ‘push it a little this way or little bit that way’ and then you go and that’s it, and that’s how you come up with the character voice. It’s very quick a lot of the time. You forget entirely about it because months go by and then all of a sudden people are interested in asking you things about a character that you don’t even remember playing because it happens so quickly and there were only a few lines. Then I find myself on whichever of the fansites seems to have the most information so that I can sound like I know what I’m talking about when people ask me the questions.

“Basically any fansite that I’ve ever been to, from Equestria Daily to DerpyHooves News to whatever else – usually it’s one or the other that has the insight first that I need.”

“The fans know before I know usually,” he laughed.


  • That’s pretty neat! It sounds like if you have a contract with an animation studio, it can pay to hang around in the lounge in case they need a spare voice on the fly. “Can you say ‘I didn’t put these in my bag!’? Grab a microphone, we’re recording now!” X^D