(Ponyleaks) Madeleine Peters on EverFree Radio

By Veggie55

Again, EverFree Radio has endowed us with a brilliant interview. This time Madeleine Peters has joined them, the voice of Scootaloo, our Rainbow Dash 2.0 alpha. Toward the end, she has Scootaloo sing Jingle Bells, and as if that weren’t awesome enough, AcousticBrony and MandoPony have already created a this version of the song, released on EverFree Radio almost simultaneously with the interview.
Maddy is also trying to raise $10,000 for World Vision. She wants you to donate! The link opens in a new window or tab, so click it. Click it now.
Have a summary after the break, but be sure to listen to the full interview nonetheless!
  • She hadn’t heard Dash’s voice when she presented her Scootaloo voice, so their similarities are due to overlap in their character descriptions and coincidence. (31:25)
  • She auditioned for the mane six and all three CMC. (31:41)
  • She was pleasantly surprised to be cast for Scootaloo rather than any of the other CMC, because her voice seemed the most different and challenging to her. (32:33)
  • She “just recorded” a song with her singing well (33:39). Given the “just” and this tweet, I’m expecting to hear it around or before Christmas 2012.
  • The interviewer asked her whether it is true that there was a good version of the CMC theme song and that she was asked to sing more poorly. He may have been referring to the version Sibsy mentioned having listened to a lot, but Maddy’s answer suggests that she understood it as referring to recordings made in quick succession (33:59), which is to be expected, since Jayson Thiessen said on BronNYCon that the earlier demo version of the song was sung by “a totally different singer.”
  • For reasons unknown to her she recorded the song in a different and smallish studio. (34:24)
  • She’s adventurous, just like Scoots. (35:21)
  • She does a lot of dancing in various genres, and even teaches dancing. (35:37)
  • She loves indie music, and Ashleigh Ball’s band Hey Ocean! is one of her “absolute favorite bands.” At the moment, her favorite Hey Ocean! song is Big Blue Wave. (37:40)
  • She looks up to Ashleigh for her music and voice acting like Scoots looks up to Rainbow. (38:11)
  • She recently recorded an episode that features her a lot, and which felt a “little bit out of character” to her. (41:25) Hopefully in an adding-new-facets kind of way.
  • She is “pretty sure” that she has done a few “accidentals” on My Little Pony (41:51), voices for random characters that only have a few words to say. Is she perhaps one of the Bonbons?
  • She likes Staremaster and our chicken jokes about it! (42:23)
  • She enjoys some fan art once in a while, when fans send her links. Her request is to see Scootaloo surfing. (43:00) It’s been done, as Derpy Hooves News points out.
  • The last episode they recorded was on December 1, when they also had fun singing Jingle Bells in a one-word-at-the-time roundrobin-like fashion. (47:29)
  • “So … for now you are just really focusing on My Little Pony and school then?” “Yeah, mostly, but I’m hoping something else comes up because I love voice acting.” (47:54) Maybe I’m just being paranoid here, but somehow the absence of an “as well” or “too” after “comes up” in combination with “because I love voice acting” gave me the chills.
  • At 48:51, Scootaloo sings Jingle Bells! /)^ε^(\
  • She is trying to raise $10,000 for World Vision. (49:35) Go donate!
It’s late at night around here, 5 a.m. in fact, after a medium-long day at work, and then a Christmas party ibidem that left me a tad tipsy. I hope my mental faculties are not too impaired to do justice to this interview, but just in case I missed something important: Listen to it yourself.
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