Twilicorn by Jaz1rus

Twilicorn by Jaz1rus

io9 just published a preview of the upcoming episode Games Ponies Play!

Head over there to watch it, or have a peek after the break.

You might think you’ve experienced some follicular challenges, or some events where you needed a fancy ‘do and weren’t sure if you could make it work. But your hair challenges are nothing — nothing, I say — compared to those faced by Princess Cadance in this new exclusive clip from Saturday’s episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In Saturday’s episode, the Crystal Empire becomes a contender to host the Equestria Games — so Princess Cadance has to host the Games Inspector, and that in turn means the fanciest hairstyle in the universe — the royal ceremonial headdress — with only minutes to spare. Whatever will they do?

  • Anonymous

    Calling it right now, this is a Rarity episode in disguise.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to have to agree.

    • No, don’t call that!

      I want to give the people making “Rarity is best background pony” jokes time to dig themselves in deeper.

  • Rarity! <3 <3 and Princess Cadence! And those beautiful crystal ponies! <3 I'm so excited!

    • Applepie

      And me!