Trade website Worldscreen is reporting that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will indeed get a seventh season in 2017. What is unclear is what channel the season will air as well as the number of episodes. The article also says that three new “Equestria Girls” specials will take place in 2017. Unknown about that is whether they follow up on “Legends of Everfree” and whether there is a new feature-length movie included in the package.

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THOUGHTS:  It was more likely than not that the show would get a seventh season and that “Legends of Everfree” all but promised that Equestria Girls will continue on. Hasbro would be wise to build momentum for the movie which debuts one year from Thursday. While 2016 may be a low-key year for the franchise (relatively speaking), things are set to pick up next year.’


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Looks like I’ve been wrong all the time. But you know what? Right now I’m glad I’ve been wrong, because aside a pair of disappointments (Like the messy conclusion of RD’s arc, and the portrayal of the Mane 6 in The Cart Before the Ponies) I really really really loved the S6, and it proved me that even without McCarthy, Larson and Rogers, the show can still be really strong, so on my part, I’ll be happy to welcome the S7 (and the three EG specials of cours)…. of course, I won’t make the same mistake of following the fandom this time: I’ve already blocked Twitter on my PC, because it has become a really toxic place for me (and was pretty much the last social network I used). From now on, I’ll follow MLP by my own without caring about what the fandom thinks of what. I’m not sure I’m still gonna read your reviews Dan (althought your opinions are always fair if you ask me) but I’m still gonna visit this site for the various dates.

    Regarding EG… I’m wondering if this does mean that from now one EG will go on no more with movies but with those specials.

    Anyway…. I’ve just thought… MLP (with Steven Universe) is the only popular show this year that not only got renewed but… that also hasn’t got the official confirmation of cancellation: LPS, WOY and GF all ended this year, and Regular Show, Gumball and Adventure Time recentely got the confirmation of ending soon…. I’m wondering if in the end MLP will win the price of the longest running of the 2010s animated shows (I know it’s not a contest, I’m just joking).

  • Glad to hear season 7 is on the way.