The user Zincy on Derpibooru uploaded a text-only image, saying that their friend manages a Burger King and that they would be stocking MLP toys on March 4th.

Initially, I wasn’t going to report on this, because it seemed so unlikely, but Zincy uploaded a photo later which gives some credence to this rumor.

[Source: Derpibooru]

The picture is of Zincy’s phone displaying a picture of a 3D render of Twilight Sparkle on the BK manager ordering site. The site is private, allowing managers of restaurants to order supplies they need. The caption reads “Have fun with your very own free-standing pony figurine.”

Zincy further said that the manager site always posts the 3D renders of the toys, never the actual toy. They also said that only Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle were the only pony toys up. This could point to a “girl toy/boy toy” selection for March.

BK’s site currently only has January and Friday’s toys listed, so we can’t see just yet if these are real or not. The biggest fact that would prove this theory untrue would be that McDonald’s has been doing My Little Pony toys for a very, very long time. I recall McD’s doing G2 giveaways.

I’m unsure of the exacts of the contracts concerning licensed merchandise kids meal toys, but I know that McDonald’s doesn’t have a 100% monarchy on it. French/Belgium fast food chain Quick had its own line of toys, even though McDonald’s exists in that country as well.

Burger King is the #3 fast food burger chain in the US (Wendy’s being #2, but not by much). This might be true if Hasbro is being especially greedy or if Burger King is trying to get in on the craze that always happens when McDonald’s has MLP toys for sale.

News is still ongoing with this story.

[Source: Derpibooru]

  • I have one of those G2 Happy Meal Ponies, stamped 1998. An acquaintance picked a bunch of ponies at a flea market to give me, mostly McD G3’s. It wasn’t a total loss: in the batch was a 2011 Twilight Sparkle! But without the comb…

    I wasted a few hours yesterday trying to see if anyone knew what McD toys were forthcoming. Nope. Beyond the Transformers/Hello Kitty batch due in a week or so, nothing. 8^/

    Maybe McD balked at the idea of issueing the same pony characters 3 years in a row?

  • P.S.: Does that blurb under the 3D Twilight say: “Have fun with your very own free standing pony figuine”?

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