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Red Baron derp
by *alittleofsomethingisode

To answer a question that has been bouncing around the community, will the Season 3 finale be a two part episode like Season 2, or a singular episode much in the tune of Season 1, as seen above Meghan McCarthy has revealed that the finale will indeed be just a single episode.

  • greybrother

    No offense, guys, but we don’t know it’s a single episode. We just know it isn’t two episodes…

    • That comment is confusing, the only scenarios available with only two blank slots is…

      – Its only one episode, like season 1’s finale was.
      – It’ll end with “to be continued” in s4e1.
      – An actual hour long episode with no break between the two, which I don’t see happening.

      • Yalamix

        It could be a 3 episode finale maybe?

        • bronydash

          Not possible, four episodes left in the season, and we know what 2 of the four are called. The upcoming one is “Keep Calm and Flutter On” and the one after that is called “Just for Sidekicks”, both of which, if you read the plot summary, don’t sound like season finale episodes. Keep Calm and Flutter On sounds like it could’ve been a season finale, but Just for Sidekicks strays away from that story it sounds like. It’s going to be a single episode to end the season.

  • greybrother

    Sorry, that’s true, I realize after more poking around. It still feels like they’ve got something interesting planned.

  • Ponichaeism

    People keep losing their crap over the alicorn thing. I doubt it’s true, but even if it is, I have to ask….so what?

    Since she’s, you know, Celestia’s *protege* and all, isn’t becoming an alicorn sort of a logical step before she takes over the throne and becomes the new philosopher-queen?

    This is just more alarmist complaining about a nonexistent downward spiral. For all the Chicken Littles know, this was Lauren Faust’s intention all along.

    • Anonymous

      Am I missing something? I mean, how do you BECOME an Alicorn? Isn’t it something you’re born as, like being a pegasus, unicorn or earth pony? I just thought they were an endangered race or something.

      • Ponichaeism

        Obviously, you gotta level up and put some points into your “Alicorn” stat.

        Seriously though, there’s so much about the metaphysics of Equestria and how its magic works that hasn’t been explained yet (or ever) that making guesses about “they can or can’t do this” is pointless.

        • And out of the meta, my website was born. And ironically, has an ad right next to your comment.

          • Ponichaeism

            We know you
            They know me


            *jazz hands!*

  • StatManDan

    My response to all the wild mass guessing about the season 3 finale, season 4, and stuff like that there is simply this: We’ll cross that bridge once we get to it.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you :) At least some people are keeping their heads.

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  • Applepie

    S3 builds up with books as S1 did for the Gala.