by ~Andergrin

During the season premiere there was two different “future episode” commercials with short clips from Season 3 episodes, so obviously spoilers are lingering around for anyone who doesn’t want to ruin themselves. Both commercials are after the page break. in HD thanks to XyroTR1.

  • lightningthorn

    not enough gak

  • Supertide

    Oh great, they have another species/race of semi-realistic horses pulled out of thin air, I bet they come with their own emirate as well. So much for competent world building, what little lore the show had is now all over the place. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if humans rolled into Equestria with tanks by the end of the season.
    Messing with the art style like this is really off putting. If you place semi-realistic horses next to the ponies it really shows how “deformed” they really are. Celestia feels almost out of place in that scene. I get Hasbro wants to sell new toys, assuming this was done because of a new toy line, but was it really necessary to screw up the art direction?
    No wonder Lauren left.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t she just sell it to them so she could work on other stuff?

      Also they don’t look -that- different. They just look off because they’re bigger but not alicorns. They appear to just be earth pony high royalty.

    • Stereopony

      Really? really? Wait, I know that smell, smells like TROLL!

      Seriously, you see two regular horses and you get THAT out of it, ever think maybe they could be there as some sort of council to help Celestia Judge Twilight in the next step in her training ,ever think maybe ponies like people come in all shape & sizes, I mean Flim & Flam weren’t your typical cutys (somewhat chubby) ponies either, nor was Fleur-de-liz.

      Seriously the fact people go to such extremes in their opinion from one scene in a commercial….its down right Laughable, well would be if it wasn’t so pathetic.

      You sir from this day forward shall be known as Cranky Doodle. have a pleasant day.