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Music, music everywhere and none too short in the season finale. It’s generally agreed upon that This Day Aria was the cream of the crop for this episode, and it seems someone found out an inside joke on the song itself.

The full evidence of this is behind the page break. I’m not a music person so the explanation goes right over my head. It is said in short that a technique used in the song is known as a Deceptive Cadence, the inside joke being the fact that Cadence was deceiving everyone with her appearance. The joke was confirmed by Daniel Ingram himself.

Behind the page break we’ve kind of gathered up a bunch of links for the music. We have MrNewbyNewb’s background music of the songs, original cuts of the songs from Equestrian Rhythm, and sheet/chord music from Everypony Sings for anyone trying to figure out the music.

Deceptive Cadence

There was actually a double meaning in the song. The song is in the key of Db Major (just like winter wrap up!). That means that the root chord is a Db major chord. Usually, a Ab major chord will lead into a Db major. This is the V-I chord progression and it is also known as the Authentic Cadence (stick with me here). Now, it seems to resolve to a sadder chord at the end of the phrase. Instead of ending on Db major around 1:16, it lands on Bb minor: the relative minor of Db major. Now, when a chord progression seems to be heading to the root chord but lands on the relative minor instead, that is called a…

Deceptive Cadence

edit: After arguing with a few people in the comments (2), I think I have to clarify what I meant with this post. It’s not supposed to be a mind-blowing revelation, it’s just a little observation that makes the song a bit more enjoyable. While I don’t think it was the point of the song to foreshadow that Cadence was a fake, I do think that having the deceptive cadence in the end was a cute little joke. It’s clever but it’s not serious.

[From Kwulhu on Reddit]


This Day Aria

Love Is In Bloom


Love Conquers All

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never heard an inturrupted Cadance called that before.
    Its not uncommon for artists to do something along those lines.
    In King Crimson’s song Three of a Perfect Pair, the guitars are playing in 6/8, “three of a perfect pair”, while the drums play in 4/4, with the exception of the chorus which is in 7/8.

  • Anonymous

    Just a small problem, the chords link for “This Day Aria” doesn’t work. Thanks for posting this though, very useful.

  • Brian

    Actually, I thought the Deceptive Cadence was used in the song BBBFF, and not This Day Aria. BBBFF has the key of Db, as explained, and the deceptive cadence I believe occurs when Twilight sings the initial ‘Forever’ near the end of the song, at which the chord changes to Bb minor, also as explained in the post. As that song happens early on in the episode, I think it would be more of a ‘foreshadowing’ thing.