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Est. December 17th 2010

Derpy News is a western animation news blog dedicated to relaying news and information about the various shows we cover to our readers. Our goal is collect and publish the information about these shows into a central source where one can ‘catch up’ on their favorite shows, without having to check a website every few hours. Visit us once a week for all your animation information.

Our site originally began as DerpyHooves.com, named for the fan famous background character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The site itself was intended to be an archive of stories and pictures of the character, but was encouraged to expand. At the time to so called “brony” (and or) adult fan community was just begining and lacked dedicated sites. At the time the site covered everything about the show and community. Over time we dedicated ourselves more directly with relaying news and information about the show at a slow pace, and due to our general love for western animation, expanded in the fall of 2013 to include various other shows.

We are a free service provider. Our site does not rely on advertisers, nor are we driven to generate pageviews. Our team volunteers their time and wish to provide our readers with a quality site. Our goal is to provide news as it should be, with very little opinion, slant or bias manner. We may not be professional journalists, but we enjoy what we do.

The Staff

DerpySquad Founder, Editor In Chief, Owner
Spazz Video & System, Editor, Owner
Marimo Reporter
StatManDan Ratings & Reviews
Sprocket Columnist (Help! My Heart Is Full Of Pony)

The Wall Of The Fallen (Retired Staff)

Plaster (Founder, Owner) DerpyMatic (Graphics) TechPhek (Merchandise)
Doc (Reporter) Screenplay (Comics) Daymare (Music Reporter)
Jaller (Html) Telofy (Data) Gendid (Interviews)
YayPonies (Video)


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Land Baked Bads LLC dba Derpy News
69 Haverstock Road
Rooseveltown, NY 13683
Phone 1-315-514-0350
E-Mail [email protected]


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