Well as you can tell Mondays tend to be a day off for everyone on DH, we’re all working stiffs or college bound students, and Monday is the most depressing day of the week.  Either way, its now Tuesday, and its time for Submission Tuesdays!  Lets get freaky.

#1 Muffins & Bubbles [Storyboard / WIP]
Someone randomly dropped this off in my mailbox, so not sure if it should be seen or not.  I must admit I’ve never been a fan of outcast Derpy, namely because being shunned doesn’t seem to be a theme with Equestria, unless of course you’re a zebra.  But its a billion times better than space cadet lolrandom Derps.  This features a storyboard along with the musical number of Derpy, dealing with life and fitting in despite her being somewhat shunned from the world, just for being different.

#2 Doctor Whooves Radio Play(s)
Dropped off by Anonymous, Squeak & Team’s work on an old school Doctor Whooves Radio Play.

#3 Equestrian Rhythm
The new blog on the block, but of course since we do have blogs on gaming (EqG), fandom (EqD), and news (DH), there was bound to be someone taking up the musical side of the fandom.  Now where is the art blog?  Equestria Rhythm has just started and is about two weeks into operation, their main goal is to compile and review the music that comes from this fandom, be it original works or remixes.  They’ve asked me to help spread the word that they exist, and so there you have it (will link you up on the left side here soon guys).  Check’em out.

#4 Epic Cupcake Time
As one of the writers said, think we covered the original version of this, somewhere in the past, either way, have seconds.

#5 BronyToons – Luna’s Lament
As seen on Equestria Daily, animation is good, but a suggestion guys, normalize the vocals.

  • Anonymous

    If Epic Cupcake Time was entirely animated, they did a better job than BronyToons… and in a shorter amount of time to boot.

  • Anonymous

    @ Frist poster anon

    Yes, Epic cupcake time was all fanimation.