Submission Tuesdays #7 (Now with more Thursday flavor)

Time for our Submission Tuesday, now with more Thursday.  It also turns your milk into poison.  Halloween is upon us, and if you happen to carve Derpy into a pumpkin (or well any pony) feel free to send it in.  Anyways, since we’re two days late with this post, lets get to it.

#1 Custom Luna Figure by ModernWarMare
You can find this little gem on eBay, created by ModernWarMare and will be “one of a kind”, as MW isn’t going to make another one.  Made in honor of the upcoming Luna Eclipse episode.

#2 Custom Derpy Sculpture by Dusty29100
I think someone in our staff linked this when it first came out (also seen on EqD).  Custom Derpy sculpture by Dusty29100 (who is also open to commissions).

#3 Mine Little Pony (Video)
Submitted by Fred Fred Pony, Minecraft version of the show intro.  Ponies are kind of creepy as block people.
#4 Derpy Voice Competition for Definitely Accidental (
The creator of Definitely Accidental is looking for a voice actor to put in their shows.  We are told that Derpy appears somewhere in them for a short skit.  Of course right now comments are being spammed for BaldDumboRat.

#4 No Fear Song (Giggle at the Ghosties) in Russian
Submitted by Nickro, Pinkie’s No Fear song done in Russian, one of my favorite languages (#2 is german).
#5 Real Life Sonic Rainboom
People playing around with effects, gotta work on how RD moves, just doesn’t look right.

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