Submission Tuesdays III

“Ok DerpySquad, how do you normally do this… Ok don’t panic, so you just got reconnected to the submissions email inbox the other day -finally- and now that he’s taking the night off. There’s an hour left, but the east coast is already close to Wednesday. You haven’t been able to see all the things we were sent… what do we do… what do we do…?” -What is running through my head right now.

The show must go on! I only got one thing for you though. So it better be good!

Turns out, it’s a youtube video. Sent to us by a friend we made at Otakon. Those who were there may remember him as the “Gentleman Creeper”. Very nice guy. So without further ado, I’ll post the 13 minute mashup in the style of Ponies Anthology. Titled: My (not-so) Little Parody. Enjoy!

And then DerpySquad comes in with the backlog of videos.

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