Submission Tuesdays IV

#1 – The Adventures of Derpy Plushie
EratosOfCyrene submitted their advenutres of Derpy Plushie made by Brainbread, a photograph series on their dA.  I would post up all the pictures but there’s a ton of them, so you can wander yourself over to Eratos’ da found here with this blue text (unless Plaster changed the color with the template).  You might have caught these pictures on ponibooru, but as Erastos says, they tend to get lost in the sea of pics.
We got some insane 3d minecraft Fluttershy, podcasts and videos behind the page break.  Hey, did you ever notice that pagebreaks double your pageviews on blogger?  Counted once when you hit the main page, and again when you click the break.  Oh google, you’re so random.

#2 Insane 3d Minecraft Fluttershy
Cayoke submitted his 3d Minecraft Fluttershy, all I gotta say is insane.  Its one thing to do pixel ponies, another when you lay that many blocks in Minecraft, totally insane if you’re actually mining and making the materials and not using admin commands to load materials.  There’s multiple shots found here on their Da account.

#3 Electric Brony (Podcasts)
The Electric Brony is a podcast that talks about (obviously) ponies, and other things such as video games, tabletop games, movies and anime.  I do believe they called themselves Pony Chat Live, but have renamed themselves and made a new logo for FiM Season 2.  We got links.  I haven’t had a chance to listen, like I”ve been saying, the gods have cursed my internet which even Youtube is an issue with me.

#4 Minecraft Series w/ Pony References
And speaking of my crap internet, this was submitted by Mitchzan Zanhit who makes a bi-weekly Minecraft Series for  Not sure the content of the series, but Mitchzan says he sneaks in pony and brony related shout outs into the show.  So far there’s two episodes, but since this submission is a little dusty, there are probably more.

#5 DEATH BATTLE!  Starscream Rainbow Dash
Old news since I know this was up on EqD at some point, but Mr. Baker of ScrewAttack did submit this to us, and if you missed it on EqD, you can find it here.  Not sure if there’s a way to embed their video stream, maybe one of the other reporters can check (tried loading it but I’m not sitting here for a half an hour waiting…).

#6 OptiBrony Strikes Back (Transformer Prime / MLP Crossover Video)
Submitted by Chris who found it after watching the Death Battle, its worth a chuckle.

#7 Shuffling to Ponies
Catalyst from our own little insane asylum called DerpyChat submitted this video of him shuffle dancing, that he did for the bros in the chatroom.  I don’t know how people move that smoothly, I tend to be a bull in a china shop.

And that’s all for this weeks Submission Tuesday, and hey look, I actually posted it on Tuesday.
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    plush derpy!?!?


    ..was lost in a ponzi scheme, but when i get some more; MUST HAVE.