Submission Tuesdays

With our little transition to news, we kind of cut out helping people get the word out about random things in the fandom.  Instead of randomly posting these as they come into the site, we shall start Submission Tuesdays, where once a week, we post up the non-news submissions that have been sent in.  Otherwise I feel like a dick not posting them.

Truthfully when I started writing this out, I thought I had more random submissions, but it turns out I have two sites and a font to post about, and then like 20 video submissions.  So you may see some shit like Video Thursdays appear in a few days, same idea, once a week showcase of videos that have cropped up.  Its an idea we’ve been toying with (each day of the week having 1 post dedicated to something, like videos, art, etc).

Anyways, here’s what I got this week.

Help Wanted – Friendship Brigade

The Friendship Brigade is a community website dedicated to the online pony game players of all systems (ps3, xbox, computer, etc) to gather up and play some good old video games.  They are looking for help, namely people who can set up servers, console lobbies or Livestream channels.  Full details can be read in this post, including who to contact.

Celestia Medium Redux (Pony Font) by Mattyhex

Mattyhex wishes to share this pony font, a rebuild of the font that Purple Tinker created back in the early days.  Includes many foreign language characters.  You can give this font a spin by downloading here.

EverFreeForest Forums

Bowan Gerry of the EverFreeForest Forums wishes to announce their existance to the world, and welcome in news members.  I am told the site is RPG-ready for you guys into doing some roleplaying, you can check this place out.  You can find them here.

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