Sunday Morning Comics #02

Derpy finds Dash by *raikoh14

Well its midnight on the West Coast, so its officially Sunday Morning, and with that comes Sunday Morning Comics, Edition 02.

What can be said about yesterday’s episode? All I can say is I feel sorry for Applejack. It was an AJ episode, and she basically got mauled by 30 seconds of Derpy speaking, though it was an atomic bomb in the community.

As always there are a hundred sides, people who hated it, people who loved it, people who shrugged, people who think its making fun of disabled people. What it is, is a tip of the hat from Studio B for being who we are, just like it was a tip of the hat last year during Feeling Pinkie Keen and Studio B going back through the last half of the season and giving Derpy, derp eyes.

She’s clumsy, she runs into things cause I’m sure she has screwed up vision, and her voice isn’t exactly perfect. It may improve if she ever speaks again. Personally the voice reminded me of Rudolph from the old claymation special, where they cover his nose so he could go play with the other reindeers. She’s a little more defined now, possibly not even a mother, but still its about your own head cannon. Take what the show gives you, or go your own way.

In other semi-related news I did hear there’s been some pissing contests going on, namely /co/ Ponychan and who actually created her and got her to this point of actually having a talking scene. In short, we all did as one community, be you a brony or a ponyfan or whatever you call yourself, if anything. Personally I think some people are getting a touch confused with someone on ponychan saying “we”, and probably meaning the entire community, not just their site.

It was also a crazy day here of course, this site experience about twice the traffic we get on episode day, four times a typical day. If any of you new people who didn’t know about us, our purpose is simple. We concentrate on the news of the show and the big things in the fandom, while showcasing fan creations in between. In short we run slower than EqD since we are more news centered and provide an alternative new source, and been doing so for 13 months. Enjoy your stay.

That’s all for now folks, have some comics. (Clicking on their name will now bring you to their DA post, clicking on the image will open it up here on DHN).

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