Good morning DHN, time for some comics. I am also going to use this space to post any site bulletins or what have yous I need, rather than giving it its own post. As said, I consider Sunday off for most of our staff (okay, well myself), so its usually deadly slow around here (though I think we have some articles in the works for today).

This past month we have had a jump in traffic, nothing huge but definitely an increase of being noticed. I wanted to take a moment to just point out that we do have some majorly dusty areas on the site, namely the Art, Media and Game section. Most of it has been on the shelf since late Spring 2011, but we are working to update or change these sections out. Our Art Gallery I’m not exactly sure what we are doing, right now it kind of stands as a window into the past (stopped being updated at the end of May 2011), so for now I leave it so newer fans can see the art of the early days, and us old folks can get all nostalgia on. Our media section we will be changing and upgrading, as well as the gaming section.

I’m also sure most have noticed our episode guide, which use to contain links to all the episodes. We currently have no direct links, namely due to the issues the internet is having with data sharing services. Obviously everyone knows about the head shot Megaupload got from the FBI, and then every other data share site out there has done something in reaction. Some have stopped any new uploads, many have done raids and purged themselves of all possible copyright threats, one even banned all US sourced ip addresses. For now, we do it as we did it a year ago. Look to the gdoc guides, its not hard to find what you want, just not as simple as it was for the start of Season 2.

Anyways, enough of that, time for comics. I’m going to start throwing a random “classic” into these posts, such as my still favorite Derpy comic, made about a year ago. Comes from our own dusty artwork gallery, and unfortunately back in those days there was no “source” field on ponibooru (and or it just wasn’t being used). Any old timers who might know who made them (or the true source), leave a comment.


  • Twaiuraito

    Told ya I bookmarked the site.