Derpy and the crow by *ryedeer-photo

So I would assume everyone has seen the new episode, if not skip the text and go look at comics. But if you did, you may have caught a few things that were thrown in for us adult fans. Namely when Fluttershy is at the Market. First off we gladly saw Derpy in the background trying to buy asparagus and getting turned down by the merchant. Its good to see she wasn’t genocided from the episode. Bonus is her saddle bags have a muffin on them. Also when they are looking at Fluttershy’s shopping list, if you watch the background to the left, you’ll see Pipsqueak go running through. So we can at least tag him as not being eaten by Luna. A third thing you can ask your friends, I get the feeling if I was to say it, some PC buttwipe would get their knickers in a knot. Yeah, I”m a cynical a-hole, I’m well aware of that. I’m also very PC, the normal kind, the kind that doesn’t freak the f’ out and get the Wal-Mart employee fired because she accidentally said “Merry Christmas” instead of Happy Holidays.

Comics behind the page break, as I’ve been finding this plus somewhat sloshy in scroll speed. I’m thinking too much junk in the trunk (or well the front page).

And as always, Sunday is my day off. Enjoy it people.


  • Supertide

    > A third thing you can ask your friends

    What’s the third thing? You can tell me, I’m no PC buttwipe.

    BTW I really like these comic compilations.

    • Thank you. BonBon’s saddle bag has Lyra’s lyra on it. Implied shipping or well, lesbianism. They also appeared in H&H together in one of the town scenes. It’ll be the next drama, implied lesbianism in my little pony.

      • Supertide

        Woah, I totally missed that one.
        Thanks for pointing it out!
        I doubt it will cause drama though, it’s way too subtle.
        You can just say she burrowed Lyra’s saddle bag.
        No one had any problem with Derpy when she was just a subtle background character. People only freaked out when she was officially named and dared to open her mouth.
        So, unless we see Lyra and BonBon hugging in an upcoming episode we are safe from PC drama queens, but you never know with this fandom.

      • Alisha Gray

        FUCK YES. OTP is now even more O.

  • Just as a side, Derpy also appears in the middle of the crowd at the training thing.

    She’s in shot at least twice. (I remember one of them being at 8:16-8:17 on Xyro’s youtube video)

    • Supertide

      Yes and she’s cross-eyed.

  • Supertide

    Does anyone of you happen to know what’s up with TrollHD raws?
    They did not release the last two episodes.
    I prefer episodes encoded from TrollHD raws because they have superb quality.

  • Seaspray


    Yeah I’d like to know what TrollHD’s plans are for episodes:

    2×17 – Heart and Hooves
    2×18 – A Friend in Deed

    and the current 2×19.

    TrollHD rips are significantly better quality.

    If both Xyro and TrollHD are both recording the same 1080 source, why is the quality different?

    • TheManWithTheIronCock

      There is no 1080p source. It’s all upscaling.

      • Supertide

        I don’t know much about this stuff but I think TrollHD raws aren’t upscaled but 1080i and that’s why they are significantly better than Xyro’s.

        • The show itself is produced at 720.

          The Hub HD channel is of course 1080.

          The show is getting up scaled, but by professional television people, thus its the best quality it can be.

          So when TrollHD records it, its at 1080.

          • Supertide

            I see. Thanks for clearing that up!

  • derpymaths

    epic comic post is epic