Sunday Morning Comics #14

Derpy Couchpotatoes by *Trotsworth

Good morning people. Time to grab some cereal and dig into some Sunday Morning Comics. If anyone happens to know an artist or several who create comics weekly, and don’t really appear here on the Sunday Morning article, feel free to e-mail me their DA address so I can check them out. I’m starting to notice we have the same people every week (Toxic-Mario, Veggie55, etc). These comics are collected from my DA account, and namely the groups I”m watching, so I’m sure I’m missing some.

Also I’d like to direct people towards the Daily Derp, a daily tumblr comic featuring Derpy, done by Tetrapony. It was submitted to me awhile ago, I just haven’t found a way to post about it outside of a single article. You can read it here.

And now, time for comics.

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