Sunday Morning Comics 39

MLP:FIM Page 3 issue 1
by *andypriceart

Well it seems the pony is somewhat out of the bag with the upcoming IDW My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic comic being created by Andy Price, written by Katie Cook, and colored by Heather Breckel. As reported yesterday these are being seen at the MLP Project 2012 that’s currently in NYC. Andy noted on his twitter account that he isn’t a fan that there are some leaks, but since the images got plastered across the ponyweb, he decided to leak this page directly. I would almost guess there is a key to the Issue 1 plot in this image, as you will notice several ponies and even a cat with glazed over blue eyes. Also some media outlets were unsure if Derpy would appear in the comic, though we’ve seen several pictures that included her, the above of course answers the question. Screwball also makes an appearance, along with what looks like the Blues Brothers.

And now for your Sunday Comics.

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