Definitely thought this was necessary to put up after that post from last night and the one from last weekend getting so much discussion.

The source of this picture was given to “BaldDumboRat” who does the “fanon voice of Derpy”. No information of where this was taken from was given.

[Update: Source is Reddit]

  • anon

    Even though Tabitha didn’t know Derpy was a girl, the voice still works well for her.

  • WesWolf

    I just hope this ends the whole controversy. It’s time for the fan base to go back to loving the hell outta Derpy instead of acting offended by her.

  • blackinmind

    I really wanted the “muffins” voice. it sounded very cute when she said it.

  • Not trying to start trouble..but how reliable is this source. You know? Could they of really goofed that bad that Tabitha didn’t know Derpy was a girl? And why would they end up using the voice if it was wrong?

    Just looking at it from a realistic approach. :)

  • Rei

    Screw the haters, Derpy still awesome, and DHX Media/Hasbro more awesome for canonizing her. Stop being such titty-babies over minor details.

  • Daniel Garcia

    As near as I can tell, the support for Tabitha and Amy and Derpy greatly outweighs the negativity. I think some people are going out of their way to latch onto a wrinkle here and there. Anyway, derp Derpy’s voice? I love this irony.

  • Iva

    Or people could just be seeing something they don’t particularly like/find offensive and asking for it to change. I’m obviously not going to stop watching FiM because I don’t like the stereotypes conjured by Derpy’s voice/presentation…but voices in cartoons change all the time, so if Studio B/Hasbro/et. al listen to their disabled fans as much as they do the fandom in general, they might just change her voice to make everyone happy. Is that so bad now?