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Origins of the MLP G4 Fandom: The Two Tribes


For the record, the following rambling editorial is a recount of the very early days of the fandom.  I call it a rambling editorial as its over 3000 words and was written in a not so sober state.  While the spelling has been checked, there may be plenty of other mistakes lurking around that didn’t appear during my quick review of it.

This editorial covers the early days of the fandom, from its start on 10/10/10 with the show and the six months that followed.  These months of course were very critical to the development of the community, its when the stage was set.  While the title of the article sounds like fanfic, I discuss one topic of interest of mine with the community, namely the evolution of it all.

So in celebration, here is a boring essay on the early days of the fandom.

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Equestria Girls – Probable Screencap Leak of Rainbow Rocks


Earlier tonight a random anonymous user of 4chan began to post what appears to be ‘camera on tv’ screenshots of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks on the /mlp/ board.  The above image kicked off the leak, giving proof that anon could possibly deliver.  So far over 25 screenshots have been posted with more possibly inbound.  While we cannot confirm the legitimacy of this leak, the evidence seems to point towards “real”.  The above DVD is probably one of the copies of the movie handed out to various media outlets for preview & review.

Obviously major spoiler alerts.  We have so far collected 25 screenshots from the /mlp/ thread, and at the time of this post this thread was still active with possibly more screenshots inbound.  Check back later for a possibly updated gallery.

Image gallery after the break.  Beware.

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